NULS Will Launch An Ecological Development Plan, Led by Jason Zhang.

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The NULS project was officially founded on September 27, 2017. One of the co-founders of the project, Mr. Zhang has been playing a key role in promoting the development of NULS since its inception, especially with his work on the formation of technological prototypes and leading technological innovation for the team.

In the very near future, NULS will focus on the construction of our surrounding ecology. And because no one understands that better than Jason Zhang, he will shift his focus to become our new NULS Ecological Development Officer and will be in charge of cultivating more high-quality ecological projects to build diversification and add prosperity to the NULS Ecosystem. This change of his responsibilities is in line with the long-term developmental goals of NULS, and is also conducive to Mr. Zhang’s personal development plans. Together, we uphold the concept of “making blockchain simple and easier to use” and continue in our efforts to build the vision we share of the NULS grand blueprint.

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