NULS x Binance July Promotion for New Registrations

3 min readJul 7, 2020


Stand to Win From a Pool of 10,000 NULS + 5,000 USDT as Welcome Bonus!

As a gesture of appreciation for NULS users and in conjunction with Binance’ third anniversary, NULS and Binance have jointly launched a bounty event for new users in the month of July.
Duration: 08:00 July 7, 2020 - 08:00 July 14, 2020 (Hongkong time).

Activity 1: Register a Binance account and enjoy a 10% discount on service fees.
New users on Binance who register through an exclusive link can enjoy a 10% discount on spot and futures trading.

Activity 2: Trade NULS and win 10,000 NULS.
New Binance users who have registered through the exclusive link and traded more than 1,000 NULS will receive 20 NULS rewards on a first-come, first-served basis, from a rewards pool of 6,000 NULS.
The top trader in amount of NULS traded (both new and old users can participate) can receive an additional 4,000 NULS rewards.

Activity 3: Participants can share 5,000 USDT Futures welcome bonus.
As long as they satisfy the single amount of futures trading not less than 10,00 USDT, new users who register on Binance through the exclusive link can get 10 USDT Futures welcome bonus. A total of 5,000 USDT, first come first served.

Meanwhile, users can also invite friends by rebates link to share up to 40% of the trading rebates.

1. Users may participate in all three activities at the same time.


3. Sub-accounts can not participate in these activities as separate accounts.

4. Trading volume is defined as the total amount of buying and selling, excluding wash trading.

5. Futures welcome bonus is issued only once, and is valid for 7 days from the day of receipt. In addition, its use is limited on Binance platform and cannot be withdrawn; the earnings through the futures welcome bonus is at your disposal. For more details, please refer to the terms and conditions.

6. The preferential timeliness of the spot trading 10% discount service fee depends on the timeliness of Binance’s spot rebate, and the futures trading 10% discount service fee is available within 30 days of registration.
7. The rewards will be distributed within 2 weeks after the end of the event. NULS rewards can be viewed via Wallet> Spot Account> Distribution History; futures welcome bonus can be redeemed at User Center> Coupon Center.
8. During the period of the event, if there are malicious cheating behaviors, batch registration of fake accounts, wash-trading, or any other cheating activities, Binance will strictly review and cancel the corresponding service fee discounts and welcome bonus distribution.
Binance reserves the right to make any final decision with regard to this promotion.
Warning: Digital currency is a high-risk investment. Investors are advised to purchase with caution. Binance will select high-quality currencies, but will not be held responsible for the user’s investment activities.

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