Nydronia Collaborates with NULS/Nerve

3 min readFeb 10, 2021

Nydronia Stablecoin Collaborates with NULS/Nerve

Nydronia (NIA) is a stablecoin token backed by real world assets from various industries. Asset tokenization converts ownership rights of something into a digital token on a blockchain. Tokenization of real-world assets helps reduce trade barriers and costs for producers in emerging markets.

First Phase Five Products

Nydronia will deliver lower costs and quality products all parties. The token will be backed by Nydra-Linea products by the company Nydronia C.A. Nydronia aims to discount the purchase of products to collaborators.

Real asset products include:

  • Nicaron: rum made from sugar cane, yeast, cocoa, and a special blend of extract from a combination of barrels and a secret ingredient.
  • Nidro Pan: precooked corn-based flour for tamales, cachapas and arepas.
  • Maria Emperatriz: quality rice.
  • Don Fermin Calderon: 100% refined sugar.
  • Tomasa: 100% of Venezuelan cocoa, which adds a special flavor to the food line.

Nydronia comes in to make a difference with a unique way of creating, making and selling products. Nydronia plans to support manufacturers, producers, entrepreneurs, merchants and consumers with its token.

Nydronia to the Rescue

Currently companies use obsolete and outdated systems and are prone to scams, negligence, and corruption. Manually trading these assets on paper through layers of intermediaries is slow, complicated and expensive. Trading via paper difficult to track due to regulations and cross-border laws.

Nydronia circumvents these problems by investing in innovation and blockchains, and creating better quality and price of products. Nydronia is planning country-based branches of operation and will begin with several product partners before building new alliances.

The Nydronia project is being developed in Venezuela, led by CEO Sebastián Salazar. In the future, Nydronia may utilize smart contract building via NULS blockchain development tools including ChainBox and ChainFactory.

Nydronia’s SCO/POCM program is live.


Location: Venezuela
CEO: Sebastián Salazar
Email: info@nydronia.com
Telegram: https://t.me/nydronia
Twitter: @nydronia
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Nydronia-101398798342592
Medium: https://medium.com/@nydroniaupthesaturn
Github: https://github.com/Nydronia-Token/Token

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