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Oct 17th, 2018: Welcome to the NULS bi-monthly progress update!

It’s that time again. What has the team been doing since the beginning of October? Let’s check it out together!

Technology Progress

  • Daily collection and processing of feedback problems of the main-net and test-net;
  • Troubleshot the main-net v1.1.0 and urgently released the bug fixed wallet v1.0.2;
  • Fixed bugs in the main-net v1.1.0, rebuilt the test-net and planned the releasing process of future wallet versions;
  • Launched the test-net v1.0.2-beta, with a long-term effective environment;
  • Launched the test-net v1.1.2-beta, supporting NULS Smart Contracts;
  • Optimized performance and stability of blockchain explorer and web wallet;
  • Refined the cross-chain solution and started the development process;
  • Discussed solutions for the technical community to join in the base-level technology development;
  • Testing of the community voting application;
  • Exchange docking support.

Business and Community

Business Progress

  • NULS has obtained an investment from US hedge fund Ulysses Capital and has reached a strategic cooperation with the company. We are the first blockchain project invested by Ulysses Capital.

Community Progress

  • Please join us in the crucial community discussion about NULS Satellite Chain and cross-chain ecology HERE. It matters to the future of NULS!
  • Winners of the top contributors for NULS community in the third quarter of 2018 has been announced! They are: Penny Pi, 思炜, Thomas Rhys, Aurora, Tudor and Burg. They will each receive a reward of $100 USD worth of NULS! Congrats!
  • A large bounty for articles with the best technical analysis on NULS has started:
    Check it out HERE!
  • We’re having another bounty for the smartest NULS contractors:
    Check it out HERE!

Speaking & Business Events

Jason Zhang in the Blockchain Technology Salon
  • On October 14th, NULS was invited to participate in a Blockchain Technology Salon, hosted by CSDN in Chengdu, China. CSDN is the largest Chinese technical community in the world. NULS Founder Jason Zhang delivered the keynote speech of “Incredible Blockchain Technology-Smart Contracts”, introducing the advantages of NULS, such as the modular design, minute-level deployment, seamless support for JAVA and the smart contract library.
David Wasson in San Francisco Blockchain Week

Exchange News

Team Building

Isaac Kim, NULS Chief Operating Officer
  • Isaac Kim, former NULS Korean Regional Director, now serves as COO of the NULS core team, responsible for the overall operation and management of NULS marketing to promote the global development of NULS.
David Wasson, NULS US Regional Director
  • David Wasson is officially announced as the NULS US Regional Director, responsible for the overall project development of NULS in the United States. He will customize the marketing and business development strategies for NULS, expanding the American community to attract more qualified business partners to join the NULS ecosystem.

In The News

    Blockchain and Mobile Payments
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  • Fintech Singapore
    MC Payment Is Adopting The “WordPress for Blockchain” Into Their Cashless System
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Spotted On YouTube

  • Interview with the NULS Tech Team (I know, finally >_<):
  • Altcoin Daily on the strategic alliance between NULS and Ulysses Capital:
  • 10 Reasons To Invest in NULS” by our community member Thomas Rhys:
  • Our community member/US ambassador Jay was interviewed at BlockCon Santa Monica 2018:
  • Crypto Investing: NULS-What Is Nuls-How It Works-Nuls Review
  • Crypto Academy: NULS|NULS Review: NULS-Global Blockchain Open-source Project
  • Crypto Insights Brasil: Potential Crypto-NULS
    WATCH NOW (Test your Portuguese!)

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