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Liesa Huang, NULS CEO

On August 23rd-24th, NULS participated in the 2018 World Blockchain Marvels conference in Hong Kong. Attended by over 1,500 senior executives, CEOs and investors from South Korea, Japan, China, United States and Europe, NULS took a high-profile sponsorship position, spreading the brand message far and wide.

CEO Liesa Huang gave a speech about NULS at the keynote VIP dinner on August 23rd, and participated in a discussion panel: “How cryptocurrencies will disrupt Hollywood.”

Jason Zhang talks about Chain Factory

Later in the afternoon in August 24th, Founder Jason Zhang captured his audience’s attention with a talk about NULS revolutionary new technology and up-coming product Chain Factory. Download his slides HERE.

For those unable to attend, we include the text of Liesa’s speech.


V.I.P Dinner Speech by Liesa HUANG, CEO of NULS Core Team

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for the warm welcome. My name is Liesa, and I am the CEO of NULS Core team. It is my great honor to share with you our vision for NULS and why NULS is becoming an increasingly exciting prospect for both investors and the overall blockchain community.

Driven by NULS global open-source community, NULS is a highly customizable blockchain infrastructure focusing on “chain-creation.” The designed technical architecture of NULS consists of microkernel and functional modules. NULS provides smart contracts, a multi-chain mechanism with parallel expansion and cross-chain consensus to lower the cost of developing and using blockchain technology. All these together enable both small and large enterprises to adopt blockchain technology easily and affordably.

NULS values openness and cooperation. I am not a founder, but all the same, I’ve landed up as CEO. The reason why? We all agreed to decide who will be the next CEO by lottery. The Almighty was in my favor. And here I am!。Not quite, of course., I’m just joking. I want to explain to you all that when NULS talk about openness, we mean it. We are open to our community, our team, and our partners.

As we all know, blockchain adoption is a hot trend, and the key to the trend is how to simplify and promote the use of blockchain technology. The concept of “chain creation” lies at the center of NULS since its beginning of September 2017 and at the end of this year NULS will launch the core product “Chain Factory.” The advantage is that developers don’t need to understand the blockchain base-level technology to build their blockchain, which we all know is quite difficult. The combination of NULS modular system and multi-chain mechanism enables enterprises to add or utilize existing industry related modules conveniently, avoiding the waste of resources by developing duplicated modules. And NULS owns an open ecology to attract enough developers to contribute more excellent base-level modules and industry standard business modules. It saves much of the development costs. Also, the cross-chain module makes it possible to link your blockchain with other blockchains in the NULS ecosystem, encouraging joint partnerships, reliable data transmission, value, and trust.

Another highlight of NULS is focusing on future-oriented projects. Blockchain has changed the world immensely, and the token economy has subverted all the past economic and financial models. The decentralized operating model under the token economy has disrupted the centralized operating thoughts in the past and has created countless possibilities. NULS is focusing on bringing this kind of next-generation project into its ecosystem. The level of mass adoption is the key to bring more investors back to this space. For example, the decentralized music content generation platform REMIX allows music content creators to customize the copyright of their own music creation, and then issue digital copyright assets. When the fans purchase, they can enjoy the works of their idols and also keep them as assets which may appreciate in the future, and this allows the musicians to live with dignity and focus on creating better music. Now is the time when the blockchain changes the world. NULS has a future-oriented plan and projects that we invest in and provide technical support for; all have the potential to change the world. We are willing to take any challenge, as long as it generates mass awareness of blockchain technology.

We are in the process of building a global core team of talented individuals that are ambitious and driven by a vision of a bright future in a blockchain driven world. We have two regional directors, based in Korea and Australia, and we also have a marketing team in Europe. NULS is planning to set up an office in Silicon Valley, and I have spoken with over ten candidates, including members from IBM Hyperledger, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank and NASA. We also have 8 advisors, one of whom, Mr. Douglas Foo (founder of Sakae Holdings Limited in Singapore), will be working towards the expansion of NULS business worldwide.

The blockchain is the closest thing we have seen in regards to the concept of trust. When people ask me why I chose to work with NULS, many reasons come to mind. One of the main reasons was because the team never held an ICO, and its price went up from a few dimes in RMB, essentially decided by the market. Many people in the NULS community stayed for the same reason and for the first time, the value system was emphasized from such a great height in the world of business. It is a major advancement in the development of the business world.

These are just some of the reasons why NULS can be one of the most successful blockchain infrastructures. We are always open to working with any project which proves to be both revolutionary and committed to supporting blockchain technology and adoption.

I wish you all a rewarding rest of conference, a lively exchange of ideas and a pleasant evening.”

Preparing for show time: NULS booth at Marvels
Liesa Huang with Hollywood actress Bai Ling




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