On September 11th, the NULS Korea conference was held at the Conrad Hotel in Seoul, South Korea.

Attended by NULS CEO Liesa Huang, core code contributor Yang Lin, Director of Community Operations Reaper Ran, South Korean Director Isaac Kim and NULS Korean Advisor Andy Chae, the meeting was hosted by Kim Ji Hyo, a well-known local TV host from the station KBS.

Guests were introduced to the key topic: Chain Building Experts: NULS Cross-chain and Value Circulation Solutions, as well as to other projects who plan to build on the NULS ecosystem including PRISM and Superlinks. New Korean partners, HENA, JYA and VICS, as well as the CEO of PRISM, each gave a presentation on their respective blockchain projects.

The first speaker, NULS Korean advisor and software development expert Andy Chae, introduced NULS and the core technical features of our forthcoming product Chain Factory. He talked about the development status of modularization, POC consensus mechanism and multi-chain parallel architecture in the context of the global blockchain industry.

In his keynote speech Chain Building Expert, Yang Lin analyzed the current development of blockchain and explained how he planned to develop the NULS ecosystem with a cross-chain solution based on the modular architecture of NULS and our core product Chain Factory. He mentioned the difficulty in recruiting blockchain talent, as well as other common problems faced by enterprises who wish to implement blockchain technology, including high costs, long development cycle and risky base-layer loopholes. With the gradual development, maturity and subdivision of the blockchain industry, NULS’ modular architecture should promote the vertical division of labor ahead of time in the industry.

Using Chain Factory and the modules provided within, even developers who have little knowledge of base level blockchain architecture can design their own chain within a few minutes and with four easy steps.

Cross-chain modules will be included in the module repository, as part of Chain Factory. These modules facilitate the exchange of assets between chains within the NULS ecosystem, thus forming a free flowing circular ecosystem.

According to Yang Lin, NULS will be listed on a well-known Korean exchange before the end of the year.

Anthony Munoz Cifuentes, PRISM CEO

As a NULS eco-partner, PRISM CEO Anthony Munoz Cifuentes, introduced his company at the conference. PRISM plan to build a distributed and standardized medical data platform based on blockchain technology, connecting individuals, wearable medical devices, insurance companies, third-party medical care providers among others, to enable decentralized, trusted and secure personal medical data storage and transactions.

Anthony spoke highly of the flexibility of NULS’ modular architecture and believes that the openness of the NULS ecosystem will provide a powerful advantage in their industry. NULS has completed a strategic investment in PRISM and will provide technical support in the future.

Scott Kim, CEO of HENA, spoke about his company’s goal to create a decentralized growth hacking platform that utilizes big data and AI to completely revolutionize the way businesses will grow in the future.

VICS Chairman, Heung Jung Kim, spoke about his company and their accumulated decades of experience in secure payments and providing asset security services to most of Korea’s banks. He believes their experience will be of value and provide a strong guarantee of security for assets circulating within the NULS ecosystem.

JYA is an organization focused on high-end offline speech and activities. Their Director Hyun-jin Jung, specifically talked about a special feature for “voting for speakers with tokens”.

Later, in a discussion panel, Yang Lin talked more about cross-chain technology. He explained that NULS will enable the circulation of assets internally and externally via a cross-chain solution, and that this solution will maximize openness and enhance the value of the entire ecosystem.

PRISM’s CEO Anthony was asked why he chose to partner with NULS, and he explained the advantages of the NULS open-source ecosystem. He said, “by creating chains in the NULS ecology with the flexibility of its modular architecture, not only does it meet the individual demand of the project, but also enables cross-chain asset circulation and interaction”. He believes the combination of independence and openness will be the main reason for investors and enterprises to choose NULS.

NULS CEO Liesa Huang responded to questions from Korean journalist Lee Ji-yoon of the Herald, regarding the company’s role in the Korean market. She replied that supporting promising Korean projects to build on NULS is part of their investment strategy. She believes Korean investors understand the value of blockchain and welcomed the involvement of Andy Chae as an advisor who understands the local market and will help to push NULS expansion across the region.

This conference provided exposure and promoted the vision of NULS to Korean blockchain investors. Some significant Korean blockchain projects have also shown an interest in NULS and we are looking forward to cooperating in the future.

Cooperation with HENA, JYA, VICS and PRISM will help drive the growth of the NULS ecology and promote the concept of vertical labor division in blockchain technology + enterprise solutions.

NULS Korean Team



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