Good news: Veritag Officially Launches Anti-counterfeiting Tracking System on NULS

VeriTAG is a Singapore-based technology company that made the decision to move from a private blockchain to the NULS public blockchain. In addition, they will be a node owner of NULS.

VeriTAG is now 100% transparent. They can provide tracking through a public blockchain, and is an authentication solution to its providers.

This project shows a clear use case of blockchain technology being used to solve business problems.

VeriTAG developed their blockchain using Chain Factory, the development platform that NULS launched publicly recently. During the development process, the VeriTAG tracking system was tested and verified to ensure ease of use and reliability. The multi patent dual QR code is built into China food import labels making it a must-have solution.

In addition, VeriTAG has established a consensus node in the NULS main network, deeply integrated into the NULS ecosystem. The consensus proceeds will be used to pay for the cost of maintaining the tracking system. With this milestone achieved, our next focus is on the series of projects that will launch this year.

About VeriTAG:

VeriTAG is a Singapore-based technology company who is known for developing the innovative cloud tag. Cloud tags combine cloud computing, blockchain, mobile phone technology and digital tags to form an advanced tag solution. It enhances the ability for people to communicate and interact through smart products.VeriTAG will take advantage of the blockchain technology that NULS has developed to achieve transparency in food manufacturing, supply chain logistics and sales by implementing blockchain into their system. This will allow buyers and sellers to gain the benefits of speed and low cost. With food traceability as their core focus, VeriTAG will provide food practitioners with a comprehensive, one-stop service platform for managing imports called, VeriHUB.

VeriTAG Website:

About NULS:

NULS is a customizable blockchain infrastructure and a global open source enterprise-level blockchain platform, committed to building a multi-chain parallel, value exchange blockchain ecosystem network. NULS features microservices, smart contracts, fast chain building, cross-chain interoperability and other services, providing comprehensive blockchain solutions.

NULS has been listed in the CCID global public chain technology evaluation index of the ministry of industry and information technology for several consecutive periods, ranking them as fourth in the world and second in the domestic market. NULS has taken the lead in implementing technology in various fields such as intelligent contract chain building and cross-chain building.

NULS Website:

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