Please Welcome our New Community Manager — Eric!

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We’re glad to announce a new Community Manager of NULS
—— Eric from the Netherlands. He will be responsible for the development of the NULS community in the Netherlands, Russia, Turkey and Vietnam.

Eric is a devout believer in the spirit of the blockchain. He has a deep understanding of blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency industry. He has experience with customer support across social media, email and online chats etc.. Also, he has been as a community manager for many mainstream projects/institutions, and has extensive experience with community development. Eric will use his professional skills to build bridges between NULS and other companies and integrate the resources to fully promote the NULS project and the construction of the NULS community.

Q & A:

1. What do you know about NULS?
Eric: NULS is a customizable, modular blockchain infrastructure project that
consists of microkernels and functional modules to enhance the flexibility of
new backbones and to enable a highly modular, underlying architecture
with event and service de-provisioning Smart contracts, multi-chain
parallel, cross-chain consensus and other operating mechanisms to
promote the business blockchain process.

2. Why did you join NULS? What do you think is the greatest value
of NULS project?

Eric: NULS is a modular (customizable) blockchain infrastructure that
modularizes functionality and allows individuals, businesses, and
governments to assemble as one sub-chain at their discretion, with unlimited
access to the public chain, private chain or affiliate chain. Just
like assembling a computer, you need a CPU, a hard drive, a memory, a
motherboard, a keyboard, and a mouse (the camera functions can be
assembled according to your needs).

3. What is your plan after taking the position as a Community Manager of NULS?


  • Connect NULS with new projects for partnerships
  • Help NULS to be on new exchanges with my connections
  • Set up meetups in my country
  • Arrange AMA sessions with big social influencers

As many community members already know, Eric has been active in the NULS community for a long time, helping both the team and other community members. We’re hoping to see more talents from the community to develop NULS, striving toward the common goal!

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