Please welcome our new Community Manager — Penny Childers!

We’re glad to announce a new Community Manager of NULS — Penny Childers from the United States!

Penny Childers, NULS Community Manager

Penny is a retired business owner and entrepreneur with a background in psychology. She specializes in B2B sales, marketing, social sentiment, data analytics, and communications. As a communications expert, she places a lot of emphasis on emotional intelligence to harness the spectrum of talent within a community in order to help lead members to both individual and collective successes.

As an avid blockchain enthusiast, investor and advocate, Penny enjoys public speaking and educational efforts to help increase public knowledge and awareness of everything blockchain offers and has chosen to lend her experience to NULS because NULS wants to make blockchain as simple as possible for everyone to use. She also holds a professional membership with the Government Blockchain Organization and is a current member of the World Blockchain Organization. Penny is keen on observing the changes in economic stratification that decentralization can provide to the world at large, and place special emphasis on the importance of helping communities to shape ideas, expand their influence, and propel an open dialogue to help determine the direction of development for blockchain technology throughout the world.

Penny’s LinkedIn Page: HERE

Q & A:

1. What do you think about the NULS project?

Penny: The NULS project is exceptionally innovative because of its modular architecture. NULS has an unparalleled approach to adoption because it was designed to make blockchain as easy and simple as possible to use. Typically, when something is coded to be easy and simple on the user’s end, it’s highly complex and very difficult to achieve on the developer’s end. The NULS team understands this dynamic and have taken on this challenge successfully. They have made huge progress in a very short amount of time.

2. Why did you join the NULS team?

Penny: I love the idea of finally making blockchain simple to the world. This is what is needed for mass adoption, however it comes with the crucial necessity of growing the network effect, and that is a challenge because most people still don’t know what blockchain is, or what it can offer to the world. NULS has overcome this by making it easier than ever to build on blockchain, and since its modular design is self-iterating, NULS can perpetually evolve in the face of anything that challenges the blockchain industry in the future. It is the only project that embodies this notion of perpetual evolution by coding it into the architecture itself. My objective is to help teach the world what blockchain can do for businesses and for people, and the most efficient way to attain this goal is to work with NULS.

3. What is your plan after taking the position as a Community Manager of NULS?

Penny: My immediate priority is to increase the network effect by expanding and growing our community, and to improve community participation via incentivization. We have many extremely talented community members that want to help propel the industry towards mass adoption. Obviously, education is a big part of harnessing that talent, so I want to help equip the community with the tools they need to participate in this expansion.

4. Anything else that you would like to share with the community?

Penny: I am easy to approach and believe the best way to help the community is by listening to what they want and need. I enjoy responding with solutions they can be a part of and help to achieve. Decentralization is about being part of something much bigger than yourself, and through consensus and participation, accomplishing really big things as a whole. I encourage members to reach out to me to share their input and give feedback, so we can tackle any challenges that NULS faces together.

*As many community members already know, Penny has been active in the NULS community for a long time, helping both the team and other community members. From the very beginning, NULS has been an open platform. We’re always grateful to have such an amazing community and we’re honored to have talented community members like Penny to join the team, who shares the value of NULS and truly believes that the power of blockchain technology can shape the world with a revolution. As it has always been, the NULS team will continue to get its full strength from the community in the future. We’re hoping to see more talents from the community to join us, striving toward the common goal!

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