Please welcome our new COO Isaac Kim!

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Isaac at NULS Main-Net Release Conference in Beijing, China

We are excited to announce the promotion of Isaac Kim to Chief Operating Officer (COO). Isaac has been with NULS as a Regional Director and played a crucial role in our successful transition to the international market. He has proven himself time and time again as an innovator and invaluable company advocate. We are certain he will continue to grow our company as we transition from product development to user growth.

Isaac majored in Economics at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor and has native proficiency in English and Korean. Previously, he worked for the Boston Consulting Group and ezCaretech. As a result, he has a holistic understanding of how businesses grow and scale. Additionally, he strongly supports the NULS vision of creating blockchain technology that can be utilized by anyone. With his experience and aligned vision, we are confident that he will bring us to the forefront of the decentralized future of business.

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Isaac at NULS Korea Conference in Seoul, South Korea

Q & A:

1. What do you think about the NULS project?

Isaac: The NULS project consists of a highly motivated core team that ultimately has one goal: to help the world use blockchain technology as easily as possible. With modularity and our new soon-to-come product, Chain Factory, NULS will revolutionize the blockchain space and strive to be the blockchain enterprise solution. We want to solve the problems of Ethereum and overcome the limitations of the current blockchain world.

From our modular system to modular storage, users can create their own chains in 10 minutes with Chain Factory. We will use modular cross-chain technology, which will transfer value and create a real connected ecosystem. NULS will be the WordPress of Blockchain with its ease of use and will be a true open source ecosystem.

2. Why did you join the NULS team?

Isaac: I joined the NULS team, because the core team knew what it needed to focus on from the beginning. The purpose of NULS has always been to help the world adopt blockchain technology. The team has always focused on the importance of technology and our mission, because we truly believe that blockchain technology is a necessity in the world.

I truly believe that NULS has a lot of potential for growth and people are slowly starting to realize this. NULS has kept a low profile, but as our platform gets closer to completion, people will recognize the importance of our technology.

3. What is your plan after taking the position as the new COO?

Isaac: I have always shared with the core team, in order to survive long term in the blockchain space, we need to have the strongest technology in the market. More and more major players in the tech and IT industry have been entering the market with announcements on their own public chain. Our technology must be at their high standards and I believe that we have one of the strongest technology in the platform market.

I realized that the people of interest in the NULS project are mostly developers that have looked at our code. Although technology is very important, I want to transfer our success in marketing in China into the West. Even with a great product like our Chain Factory, without the proper marketing and delivering of news, we will not be able to fully deliver to the blockchain space.

With our newly appointed U.S. Regional Director, David Wasson, and our community managers in the West, I plan to focus on growing our presence in the Western world. I will be overseeing the operations of NULS and will continue to carry out our mission.

4. Anything else that you would like to share with the community?

Isaac: I am very thankful for the strong support we are constantly receiving from the community. I get a true sense that the community wants to take part in the growth of NULS.

The core team is always taking the feedback of the community into consideration and are working very hard to create a successful ecosystem. The core team will continue to work hard to lead NULS into the adoption in the enterprise world.

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