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Over the past 3 years, the NULS ecosystem has expanded greatly thanks to the help from our NULS community. It’s now time to vote for our biggest, most passionate contributors.

In three years we’ve gone through our fair share of ups and downs. We would like to recognise the ones with the thicker skin and strong hands. The ones with passion and fire in their hearts for NULS. Always willing to put out a strong voice.

In the past three years, from ERC20 to main-net, from main-net 1.0 to 2.0, hundreds of consensus nodes, NULS POCM, to NerveNetowrk & NerveDex launching, there is a group of people who have always followed NULS through these successes and triumphs despite market conditions.

Hereby, we are initiating the Q3 2020 NULS Community Contributors Recognition Award.

The quarterly Community Recognition Award has become a bit of a tradition that has been ongoing since the establishment of NULS itself.

The significance of the selection is in the importance this will have for our future. We are grateful to all community members who have contributed to NULS so far. We look forward to more ongoing contributions made by community members in continuous support of NULS.

Selection Eligibility & Rules

Open to all NULS community members

(Except for core team members, NTC members , ambassadors and NULStar).

Members who have made notable contributions in the quarter. This can be in areas such as content (article / video / picture), community building (community / forum), activities (offline participation or organization / online participation or organization), promotion (cooperation / publication), etc.

Quarterly Community Recognition Award winners are selected once a quarter, and candidates can be self-nominated or recommended by other community members.

All participating members must submit their application forms here 3, by the deadline of September 30, 2020.

Nominees need to describe the activities of their contributions made in the quarter in no less than 200 words.

A shortlist of five (5) contributors will be chosen from all the submissions for the quarter and be put to a community vote.


1.The reward for NULS Community Recognition Award contribution will be taken from the Community Fund.

Outstanding contributors recognized through community vote will receive 100 NULS rewards each.

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