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People who invest in the future are realists. (с) Satoshi Club, as well as our guest today, are focused on the future. And we would like to tell you about the AMA session with our friends from NULS. The AMA took place on September 09 and our guest was Mario Blacutt (Berzeck) NULS Western Regional Director and Nerve Network founder.

The total reward pool was 500$ and has been splitted in 3 parts.

In this AMA Recap we will try to summarise the most interesting points for you.

Part 1 — introduction and questions from the Telegram & Bitcointalk community

Irina K. | @satoshi_club: Hi everyone, welcome to another episode of our AMA series

Serg | Satoshi Club: Our AMA today is with NULS 🙂 @Berzeck1, welcome to Satoshi Club!

Berzeck: Hello!!

Irina K. | @satoshi_club: Today we have as our guest @Berzeck1 from NULS. Nice to see you in Satoshi Club 😊

Serg | Satoshi Club: how are you today? Haven’t seen you in Satoshi Club for a long time 🙂

Berzeck: Very happy to be here to share more informartion about NULS / Nerve / NerveDEX

Irina K. | @satoshi_club: It’s good to see that you’re evolving 😊Maybe for the new members, please tell us again in a few words. What is NULS

Berzeck: Indeed we have been working closed doors to release our DeFi solution and its first application called NerveDEX

Serg | Satoshi Club: Defi of course 🙂 it’s like air nowadays 🙂

Irina K. | @satoshi_club: Congrats. Big party in NULS family

Berzeck: yes we just released NerveDEX a few days ago! and we are finally ready to communicate with people about our full portfolio of products.

NULS is a microservices-driven blockchain project that uses the Proof of Credit (PoC) consensus mechanism (dPoS plus credit rating) to mine via staking. The NULS modular design features NULSTAR, a microservices-based framework enabling enterprise-grade blockchain solutions for smart contracts, private chains, public chains, dApps and NRC-20 tokenization.

Serg | Satoshi Club: looking forward to this discussion in today AMA 🙂

Q1 from bitcointalk user jpsarma

Why have you phrased your Roadmap milestones in names of 3 phases of water, namely, ICE, WATER and STEAM? Also, there is no update regarding your Roadmap after Q2. 2020 in your website, so can you inform us what lies in the Roadmap for the next one year timeline?

an introductory question about your future plans

Berzeck: names were chosen as a medium to express the dynamic with our ecosystem
We have a new roadmap for NULS 3.0 which will be released next week. (its already done but we are waiting more favorable market conditions)

Serg | Satoshi Club: can you delight us with some secrets from the new roadmap?

Irina K. | @satoshi_club: We love secrets here :heart_eyes:

Berzeck: ok! i can tell you that it is designed to directly support BaaS (Blockchain As A Service) features and that it will be compatible with EWASM VM from eth2

Irina K. | @satoshi_club: Is EWASM VM from eth2 already public?

Serg | Satoshi Club: thanks to that features, what will you be able to do?

Berzeck: as we developed NULS / Nerve using a microservices architecture its perfectly suitable for cloud

Serg | Satoshi Club: cloud on blockchain?

Berzeck: blockchain on the cloud as a paid service on demand, rememebr we have ChainFactory that enables people to create their custom blcokchians in a few minutes

Irina K. | @satoshi_club: I think that’s a big step ahead in the industry

Berzeck: and also lets you download a web explorer and a web wallet to, so the next piece of the puzzle is, how to make it very easy to deploy your new blcokchain components without knowing anything about crypto? well our BaaS implementation answers this questions, you will no longer need a dev to create a blcokchain and deploy in in several serves

Irina K. | @satoshi_club: that sounds good

Berzeck: gladly thats difficult to copycat because you need total decouple of modules that only microservices can implment

Serg | Satoshi Club: really? 🙂 it sounds to good. I am not a dev. I’ll try it myself. Let me know when it’s ready 🙂

Berzeck: absolutely, maybe we can tokenize Satoshi Club, so people earn rewards participating more and at your own terms? we are your guys!

Irina K. | @satoshi_club: About v3 of your roadmap. What timeframe will it cover?

Berzeck: 1 year approximately as EWASM needs to be ready of course

Irina K. | @satoshi_club: Looks like you’ll have good times ahead 😊

Q2 from bitcointalk user elissa

Please tell us about your new DEX: NerveDex. What pairs are available? Can I connect with a browser wallet directly or I should use a keystore. Please make a small presentation

Serg | Satoshi Club: the topic you wanted to discuss btw 🙂

Berzeck: We released NerveDex just a few days with just 2 pairs, NVT/NULS and ENVT/NVT and then people ‘demanded’ their favorite coin to be added, you know its impossible to satisfy all people right?

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Well how about letting people add their own pairs so we are left alone like uniswap, including BTC and BNB family of assets. NerveDEX is a very fast DEX that has 2 second transaction confirmation and almost zero fees (very cheap)

Irina K. | @satoshi_club: what assets are supported by the network?

Berzeck: ETH, NUL, USDC DAI PAX WBTC … soon aleph BTC, BNB, etc and a lot more

Serg | Satoshi Club: so, it’s an uniswap on Nuls?

Berzeck: well yes but very fast, in fact it has the presentation of a normal CEX … … of course it has an API and we expect that bots and liquidity providers will be happy with solution. also for companies that want to add their own DEX we offer white label solution using our engine

Irina K. | @satoshi_club: How did you manage to get this speed?

Berzeck: NerveDEX is built upne NerveNetwork which is our DeFi solution, it supports 2s blcok generation thanks to its algorithm PoCBFT (yes yes we should have chosen a fancier name :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:) 2000+ TPS. the key is that we made Nerve as fast and lean as possible, and thats why we didnt include featiures on NULS directly instead of having one big bloated blcochain that tries to do everything we split in 2 with different requirements and goals, so NErve for example has only 35 consensus nodes to achieve this speed and uses NULS smart contracts. so we do not bloat the chain with a contract engine. Nerve is designed to complement NULS and we made 2 blockchains that feed from each other

Serg | Satoshi Club: can we login directly from a browser wallet?

Berzeck: you just need to login with your Nerve wallet address and thats it all assets are automatically accounted in your address. as Nerve address’s private key is sued to generate your ETH , and ERC20 addresses, so you are always in conrtrol of your assets

Irina K. | @satoshi_club: Sounds easy

Q3 from Telegram user @cryptomonkss

What is Nerve for Nuls? Is it like gas for NEO? Is its supply limited or it has inflation

Berzeck: NOOO
I kind of explained the relationship between NULS and Nerve in the previous question.
NULS and Nerve have max supply of 210M and 2.1 B respectively

Serg | Satoshi Club: you went ahead and answered the next question 😀

Berzeck: i think our dual blcokchain relationship brings a lot more value to crypto ecosystem. simply because we prove this with unique products that are not easy to copycat… SCO, chainfactory, NerveNetwork, NerveDEX ..

Irina K. | @satoshi_club: So, Nerve = fast blockchain, Nuls = smart blockchain

Berzeck: oversimplifying yes, you can say that. Nerve is very well suited to scale for DeFi applications,

Serg | Satoshi Club: people tend to remember simple things 🙂

Berzeck: ONE MORE THING. we are as far as i know the first ones that enable cross chain staking which means you enter your ETH to NErve for example and aside from experiencing extremely low fees and high speed transfers you earn NVT staking, the same with USDT , PAX, etc with amazin returns more than 25% currently

Serg | Satoshi Club: you got a video tutorial or smth like that?

Berzeck: sure ive me a sec

Irina K. | @satoshi_club: How comes the numbers are that big?

Serg | Satoshi Club: It’s crypto, sis 😀


we just released so there are few assets right now and of coourse people tends to be skeptical about testing new framewroks the mroe people staking the less returns of course so its grate time. you can check stats here

Serg | Satoshi Club: it’s better to be there at the beginning to enjoy more returns

Berzeck: also for staking you have several plans depending in commmitment time

3 months, 1 year, 3 yeras , etc

the mroe commitement the more returns you have

Serg | Satoshi Club: if I choose 3 months, are they locked for 3 months? can I withdraw them? earlier I mean

Berzeck: locked! you cant withdraw earlier and thats great because it means that they are temporarily taken out of circulation

Serg | Satoshi Club: And it has predictability

Berzeck: so models that analyze possible price trends, will love this featuire. it will make the price go up because you can prove that several tokens CANT be sold

Serg | Satoshi Club: that they won’t dump the market tomorrow

Berzeck: exactly!

Q4 from Telegram user @occupyingmars

Explain the SCO. We can stake NULS together with a project token and receive rewards from staking? Bassicaly, we provide liquidity?

several projects that built using our solution are have been incubated by us. can choose to enter the SCO program
basically as a NULS holder you are entitle to stake on any of the projects above and earn the prijects tokens instead of NULS

Serg | Satoshi Club: Our friends from Aleph are here. where are the tokens coming from? the projects give them?

Berzeck: in return the projects gets the NULS, it great solution because:
1] people NEVER risk their money
2] Projects endure more pressure to provide results or risk for people staking on another project

3] as you dont risk your money seem more regulation friendly unlike ICO and IEO
4] its a great distribution mechanism

Serg | Satoshi Club: projects get the NULS which I am staking?

Berzeck: yes, projects get the NULS you should receive and in exchange the contract gives their tokens the specific amount of tokens is defined by the project itself

Serg | Satoshi Club: the equivalent in tokens of the NULS I should receive, right?

Berzeck: the amount the projects define when registering for SCO. thats why NULS investors had gross huge returns when they stake with Aleph in the early days, i mean gross

Irina K. | @satoshi_club: What about the projects? Who decides what projects can participate?

Berzeck: its mostly decntralized, the only centralized part is you need to send an email with very basic info to be displayed in the portal and thats it, everything else you can configure in, you can make your own NRC20 assets in less than a minute in that page for 11 NULS

we got 2 more SCO projects in the lin.. one is RAMP DeFi, which may soud familiar

Serg | Satoshi Club: Again, our friends 😀

Berzeck: so if you guys like our partner, well better start getting cheap nuls. by the way, sorry for my bad English as it is not my native language

Serg | Satoshi Club: it is not our native as well 😀

Irina K. | @satoshi_club: That’s alright, we understand each other perfectly. 2 more questions in part 1

Q5 from Telegram Username @Jonahapagu

Part of your plans for Q2 2020 was to complete at least 20 Industry solutions and Build a new NULS based Ecosystem can you share with us some of the solutions you have completed so far in this regard

Berzeck: we have several projects running on SCO program as you can see in th elink i provided AND we had more than 100 ChainFactory applications

so i would say : yes, we definietely fulfilled that goal

Irina K. | @satoshi_club: With a bonus I would say 😊

Berzeck: from very different industries, DeFi (obviously), commerce, 2nd layer solutions, social noetworks, etc etc

Irina K. | @satoshi_club: What’s the most interesting of this projects in your opinion?

Berzeck: Rampdefi, aleph, mxt, vibook …there is one more that i can not announce yet but i will say its dedicated to aviation industry

so its unique as it has no competition , even from eth

Serg | Satoshi Club: I thought Boeing is dying 🙂

Irina K. | @satoshi_club: Maybe not :grinning: They have a second chance

Berzeck: its a team that has years of experience in this industry and decided to implement a project that would solve several problems the industry has

Serg | Satoshi Club: I am sure they are professional 🙂 just was joking

Berzeck: of course my friend, i also prefer our AMAs to be light and more warmer to readers

Irina K. | @satoshi_club: You’re a busy team @Berzeck1 😊 Lot’s of stuff happening

Berzeck: the probelm we have is that we are too busy building things and we are not good telling peoiple about them. most people dont have any idea we have these products

Serg | Satoshi Club: you are very good at telling things 😀

Irina K. | @satoshi_club: That’s an important part as well, should do more of that

Berzeck: and they ask themselves: “why if they have this much the market have punished this much? something is wrong … ” so its a difficult problem

Irina K. | @satoshi_club: Ok boys, I suggest we get to the last question of part 1

Berzeck: we just incorporated Patrick to the team the will definitely get us out of that hole and communicate our achievemnts properly

Q6 from Telegram Username @kripto_mangunkusumo

I want to hear about the NULS Foundation, is it a charity program? and what is the vision and mission?

Berzeck: not charity, its a non profit which is not the same.. the idea of NULS foundation is to develop state of the art technology that should contribute qualitatively to the crypto landscape and also promote blockchain technology to the world. we accomplished part 1, we suck in part 2… but we are making changes again to solve this problem, something that is relevant that people asks is: “do we have money to continue operations?” the answer is yes, we have enough money to continue operations for upcoming years if we needed money we would have made an ICO for Nerve and we didnt,

Irina K. | @satoshi_club: Well a problem named is half solved

Berzeck: well hopefully this AMA contributes a little for people to at least check our products, i am not asking they purchase our tokens, just checkout the products we have and the progress we are making :relaxed::relaxed:

Part 2 — live questions from the Telegram community

Q1 from Telegram user @nyo_cant

NULS has two different teams. How are relations managed between them? Has any of them more weight when making decisions concerning the NULS ecosystem?

Berzeck: NULS endured a heavy restructuring that ended in March, at that point old organizational structure was compeltely different than current one, you can say it was almost a new coin, probably we should have rebranded, since then price increased like 300% even with a very heavy correction
NULS right now has 2 teams indeed, one in charge of the East and the other for the West with its own budget, organizational structure and goals, only controlled by a board of directors, there is no longer a CEO as this didn’t work

Q2 from Telegram user @Dev30000

What technology stands behind $NULS and What are its advantages?
Please introduce how $NULS is extending its use cases through partnerships and upcoming plans?
Are there any notable features of $NULS that you would like to highlight?

Berzeck: Microservices is the new way to making software spearheaded by Google, Facebook and biggest software companies in the world, this allows devs to write modules in their favorite development language and the possibility to seamlessly swap modules runtime for some applications like exchanges when doing upgrades (you HEAR THIS BINANCE?? )
the bad thing about this is that it is difficult to implement the first time and a lot more if you dont have experience in this so we have a very good advantage against our competitors in this regard. You need to write from scratch the implementation you have to do this right and this is something that very few will be willing to do as its very expensive
Our development team has managed to develop 3 blcokchains in 9 months each average WIHTHOUT any single serious issue on main-net in neither of them (just some annoyances).. something that most projects even a lot bigger than us were unable to do, so our development skills are second to none
This has allowed us to build products that are not easy to copycat like ChianFactory, ChainBox, NerveDex, NerveNetwork, SCO program, etc. And also the rason that even that market has not favoured us partenrs are starting to come because they value the tech behind

Q3 from Telegram user @DiegoRME

what are the differences between ChainBox and ChainFactory products? What are the advantages that each one gives to its Ecosystem?

Berzeck: ChainFactory is design for NonDevelopers so they can introduce a few paramters and build their chain very easy.
ChainBox on the other hand was designed for developers with ultimate power and flexibility, in fact NerveNetwork was made using ChainBox so I can proudly say thats another unique product that works perfectly and we can prove it with Nerve!

Q4 from Telegram user @Jahlru

I have some conclusion. I need to know some things about your project. Can you please explain them in easy words.

Berzeck: I explained this but its important to understand the reason:
We chosen 2 blockchian because implementing everything in 1 blockchain is a very bad design decision because different use cases require different parameters, in our case DeFi needs very high speed and NO ROLLBACKS which means that once you have 1 confirmation it stays there, thats different from what BTC eth and most common blcokchains can offer, in my humble opinion those are not prepared for DeFi, and thats why we decoupled from NULS.. on the other hand., apps need smart contracts so Nerve dapps use NULS smart contract engine and other facilities
in the end both blockchains complement each other perfectly

Q5 from Telegram user @Jahlru

Today in every sector our slogan is “PRIVACY IS OUR RIGHT”. How would your project offer a Blockchain Privacy Protection for users? And how important is the community to you?

Berzeck: thats very controversial subject, in the end we didn’t implement hard anonymity in our blcokchians because we just don’t believe governments will ever let companies avoid taxes, worse financial companies that are one of the most regulated industries, so our goal is to mass scale blcokchain technology and we don’t believe that implementing hard anonymity will help to our goals. On the other hand we plan to add a module so people can build their blcokchains with hard anonymity enabled from ChainFactory.
This decision is one of the few we made for political basis instead of a technical one.

Q6 from Telegram user @Lady_luck2

There are many blockchains for creating DApps these days. What are the 3 reasons a developer should choose the NULS blockchain to build their DApp? Please explain what SCO and POCM are? Is this a new way of financing?

Berzeck: 1] We have an enhanced ability to evolve and adapt a lot faster than the competition
2] they can build modules that integrate with the whole infrastructure in any language they want without the need to learn something new (Smart contracts still in java for now)
3] Development and deployment is a lot faster because you only need to deploy the modules that were upgraded
4] Is a lot easier and cheaper to audit as modules are seperate applications with different memory spaces, so its a lot easier to detect and contain bugs

Q7 from Telegram user @satchuni

What are the ways I can stake NULS? Is it possible to stake NULS in Aleph .im? What are the rewards rate?

Berzeck: 1] You can stake NULS using one of the official wallets like
2] you can stake nuls in to earn other tokens including Aleph and our new projects
3] youy can stake NULS inside NerveNetwork to earn NVT tokens at a spledid rate and with several commitment plans

Q8 from Telegram user @Termuxnih

Why are you standing alone? many projects that stand on ETH and others

Berzeck: because we offer better alternative than ETH can offer right now in terms of speed and efficiency and products eth do not have. But this does not mean we considers ourselves as ETH ‘killers’ because thats bullshit, in reality the potential market is so grossly huge that several blockchain GOOD projects will thrive and prosper tackling different use cases and having different requirements and goals. With this vision in mind is why we built Nerve in the first place that will be ready to interconnect all this beautiful projects within each other
technology can advance only if different ideas can be tested otherwise monopolies tend to stagnate progress. we have our own features that are slowly but surely finding way in the market

Q9 from Telegram user @rioliandaro

DeFi is one of the hottest topics in the blockchain field. Can you share your opinion about DeFi with us?
Do you think DeFi will destroy the existing financial system?
What’s your project Approach towards DeFi?

Berzeck: DeFi is the hot trend because finance already work with abstract entities so its easy (in relative terms) to model and map to blockchain technology, it will definitely will revolutionize the sector but not as fast as people want to believe for several reasons:
1] its not trivial to get the know how on how to map all business processes for people that do not have experience with blockchain tech, what should go and what shouldnt go to a blcokchain is not a trivial question
2] regulations are not progressing as fast as the tech itself , in fact governments are having trouble to define what exactly crypto is and how to adapt to current regulations, in the end they will need to create a complete new framework and that takes a lot of time, explaining blcokchain to a normal person is difficult enough, explaining to a politician is hell on earth
3] people just wants to be millonaires in the shortest time span as possible and that puts alot pressure to crypto projects to take decisions that favor the short term instead the kong ter, somethign we never allwoed and we paid the price. I dont think DeFi destroys finances but surely it will force them to adapt and evolve

Q10 from Telegram user @rioliandaro

As NerveNetwork and DOS Network are the Stragetic Partners,
What is the main Benefit to Both the Project through this Partnership?
Can You talk about Future developments Which we can see with this Partnership?

Berzeck: DOS is another partnership we made last few weeks, we have a great framework that enables to make a lot kind of dapps, but whats missing is how to use EXTERNAL input or results and thats what a oracle does, DOES offers this so this was the last piece of the puzzle to offer a complete set of tools to developers and companies to build any application they may want

Part 3 — Quiz Results

In the final part we tested your knowledge in terms of NULS. They’ve prepared 4 questions for this part. The total reward pool for quiz was 300$.

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