Reveal the Heterogeneous Cross-chain Project NerveNetwork Mystery.
--NULS and Nerve AMA Recap

8 min readApr 13, 2020


Reaper:Hi everyone,I am Reaper. NULS cofounder and community councilor.
I am very happy to make the AMA about NerveNetwork here. I believe you all want to know more about Nerve, so we planned this AMA to help you better understand the Nerve project.

Berzeck:Hello Reaper, I am pleasure to be here and thanks for the event!

Reaper:Q1 Hi Berzeck, Can you briefly introduce the Nerve project, what is the most important value of Nerve?

Berzeck:Nerve is a decentralized digital asset service network, which is a set of cross-chain interactive protocols based on the NULS microservices framework and developed with Chain Box. The goal is to eliminate the isolation problem that most blockchains have, also, to establish a cross-chain interoperable asset interaction network, and provide all the underlying support for Defi applications ecosystem; letting digital asset holders enjoy truly secure, free and transparent Defi application services.

Reaper:Q2 How difficult is to connect different blockchains to the Nerve Network?

Berzeck:Thanks to the Nerve cross-chain interaction protocol, only a small amount of development is required through a standard interface to transform blockchains of different structures into a set of universal asset types that can be recognized by cross-chain modules in the NULS ecosystem. In this way, it can open up asset interactions inside and outside the NULS ecosystem, and at the same time provide rich DeFi usage scenarios for mainstream digital assets such as BTC and ETH.

Reaper:Q3 You are a member of the NULS Community Council and also responsible for the NULS west operation. Now you have launched the Nerve project, does that mean you don’t have more time to contribute to NULS?
Berzeck:Nerve is designed to complement the NULS ecosystem, working for Nerve IS working for NULS! Also, I am not alone in this and I am already receiving a lot of help and support from the core team.
And of course I plan to do more work for NULS blockchain directly.

Reaper :Q4 What changes will it bring to NULS?
Berzeck:NULS is definitely one of the best underlying technologies in the global blockchain landscape, thanks to its microservices architecture, NULS has achieved cross-chain operations on homogeneous blockchains with 2.5 version, and through Nerve, it will achieve full cross-chain support for top-rated projects, and we will continue to expand the NULS ecosystem docking different types of assets in a phased approach.
Potentially, tens of thousands of BTC and ETH holders could simply and quickly transfer their on-chain assets into the NULS ecosystem, and participate in the construction of various types of applications. They could exchange between various assets freely and securely.
Therefore, Nerve’s arrival will definitely push the NULS ecosystem into a new stage of development and will let the entire blockchain industry acknowledge about our excellent underlying technology of NULS.

Reaper:Q5 NerveNetwork supports heterogeneous cross-chain, But on the market , there are seldom projects realizing heterogeneous cross-chain. Can you tell us how it is implemented?
What is the different from other cross-chain projects?
Berzeck:The biggest difference is that Nerve is designed to complement NULS blockchain ecosystem so it does not aim to provide interconnection between all different projects, just between NULS related assets with the rest of blockchains, therefore the design is a lot simpler and efficient, Nerve does not have native smart contracts as it incentivizes the use of NULS' smart contracts from assets of docked blockchains.

Reaper:Q6 There are many types of software architectures, why does Nerve use NULS technology architecture to implement this protocol?
Berzeck:NULS is the only project on all crypto landscape that implemented a microservices architecture, this type of architecture is being implemented by the biggest software companies on Earth, like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Netflix just to name a few, on of it’s best advantages is that its a lot easier to upgrade and deploy individual modules in any development language making progress faster and more efficiently than the competition.
Nerve inherits this architecture because it will allow it to evolve seamlessly and a lot faster than the competition with fewer resources which will give us the upper hand on cross-chain technology.

Reaper:Q7 In the recent two years, the competition is fierce among blockchain projects. What do you think are the core advantages of Nerve and what is the key to its success?
* Inheriting microservices infrastructure (Nulstar) so it will evolve faster
* Simpler and more efficient designed
* Designed to complement NULS blockchain empowering its ecosystem
* Opening the possibility for BTC an ETH holders to interact with assets in a very efficient blockchain

Reaper:Q8 Does Nerve have the same node types than NULS?
Berzeck:Nerve has 3 types of nodes:
- Normal nodes: similar to their equivalent on NULS
- Consensus nodes: similar in function from their NULS’ equivalents, responsible to process Nerve’s blockchain transactions, for efficiency reasons only 35 will be selected to process transactions
- Virtual Banks: Responsible for the maintenance of cross-chain assets, only 15 will be selected from consensus nodes.

Reaper:Q9: Can you describe briefly how the cross-chain interaction works?
Berzeck:Every time a blockchain is docked, it needs to implement a
set of interface protocol components for data interaction
between the two chains. Virtual banks manage multi-signature
addresses (smart contracts) and are responsible
for the verification and execution of transfer in and out of assets.
The following graph show the actual flow:

Reaper:Q10 it seems that this project is a great masterpiece. Would you please explain the road map of Nerve Network?
Berzeck:We will announce the online test network and the public beta of NDEX very soon.
Next, we will plan to invite top platforms or institutions in the industry to serve as bank nodes.
Launching Mainnet and NerveDEX
Nerve’s main-net will be launched, NerveDEX trading platform will be launched, light wallet will be launched, Staking will be available, and external interfaces will be opened.
After that we will start docking more blockchains.

Reaper:Q11What contributions can NULS community members make to the NerveNetwork project? how can we get some Nerve Token rewards in other ways?
a.Members who contribute to the project will receive some rewards, and we will create some specific reward tasks.
b.For All Developers Who Have Contributed Code to blockchain-related Projects
1.Follow @nerve_network on Twitter and join Nerve Discord(
2.Add Nerve Github repository to favorites and submit your NULS wallet address to Issues, you will receive 200NVT!
Here is Github link :
c.After the main online launch, if you hold NULS, ETH and BTC, you can get NVT from Stake in Nerve network.
d. NULS holders will enjoy an airdrop planned In July.

Quiz questions:

1. Does Nerve have the same node types with NULS?

2. what are the different type of nodes in Nerve?
Nerve has 3 types of nodes:
- Normal nodes: similar to their equivalent on NULS
- Consensus nodes: similar in function from their NULS’ equivalents, responsible to process Nerve’s blockchain transactions,
-Virtual Banks: Responsible for the maintenance of cross-chain assets, only 15 will be selected from consensus

3. what is Nerve’s max cap and initial supply?
-Max Cap:2,100,000,000
Initial Supply:1,100,000,000
4. How many virtual banks are allowed ?
-Only 15 banks will be selected from consensus nodes.
5. How many consensus nodes are allowed?
-For efficiency reasons only 35 consensus nodes will be selected to process transactions.

6. How many virtual banks are selected from consensus nodes?
-The 15 consensus nodes with bigger deposits are selected as virtual banks.

7. What is the use for the price index feed?
It is necessary for the weight parameter used to calculate the rewards.

8. Do you know the link to Discord ,Telegram and Twitter of Nerve?
-Nerve Discord:
Nerve Telegram:
Nerve Twitter: @nerve_network

9. How many NVT will be used for early development?
-200 Million

10. How many NULS will be airdropped on july to NULS holders?
-10 Million

Coummunity questions:
1. To receive the Nerve airdrop on July 12, do I need to have my NULS in consensus or can I be staking on SCO?
Berzeck: We are still thinking on how exactly it will work. But be sure we will advice with enough time.
2. Do we already have a defined ratio? 1:1? or 1:10?
Berzeck: Not yet,the exact details are not decided yet but we will disclose in proper time so that people have time to prepare.
3. what is next for Nerve platform?What does the future look like with Nerve?
Berzeck: we are targeting to connect with top blockchains and also with best stable coins, this way we will attract a lot of developers and investors from other communities to make their dapps and systems using our platform. In geenral interconnect as much as we can and get even more partners onboard
4. Will be Nerve available soon on Nabox wallet or will have his own wallet?
Berzeck: Initially NVT is NRC20 toke so it is available on Nabox,when it migrates to its own network it will have its own wallet.

5. When Nerve will migrate to its own network?
Berzeck: early Q3

6. When we can start to stake NVT with NULS?
Berzeck:NVT won’t stay as NRC20 token because it needs more functionality that NULS blockchain does not provide ,so it needs its own chain .therefore it won’t go for NULS SCO process. But of course we will always find ways to benefit NULS holders.

7. you said the you will reward Nerve contributors and you will put some tasks for them. What is the best way to contribute to Nerve at the moment?
Berzeck: well for paid contributions we will have bounties for specific tasks but we always need help from community,such as spread the words...

8. How do you plan to explain such technical Nerve to a wider audience? How do you paln to show the world that your product is not another useless blockchain solution to a non-existing problem?
Berzeck: we will make friendly videos and light reading material for this. We already have companies building using our products and that’s probably the best way known to mankind to prove your productsare useful (remember Nerve is part of NULS,it is designed to complement its ecosystem).

9. Does Nerve have its own public ledger or some sort of database of all transactions?
Berzeck:Yes it has,right now it is a NRC20 as a transition period,it will have its own mainnet early Q3.

10.Will NULS validate cross-chain transactions when Nerve has its own mainnet? Or will the Nerve just do the validations?
Berzeck: Nerve virtual banks are responsible for this.




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