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A briefing of NULS 2024 Roadmap regarding Bitcoin ecosystem narratives

2 min readMar 9, 2024

We firmly believe in the resilience and potential of Bitcoin, and any cryptocurrencies that are valuable and generate innovative goods for the community. As a reflection of this belief, we have announced multiple Bitcoin features in the NULS 2024 roadmap, detailed on our website. To accomplish this objective, we have pursued several strategies:

1. Bitcoin Cross-Chain Integration

Utilizing the NULS ChainBox framework, our parallel chain, NerveNetwork, has successfully integrated with the Bitcoin network, and cross-chain transfer from the Bitcoin Network is currently enabled. This milestone allows users to seamlessly transfer BTC assets into NULS network and its parallel chain, NerveNetwork. Moving forward, we plan to launch liquidity mining program, expanding utility for BTC holders in NULS ecosystem.

2. A Combination of POCM and BRC20

NULS POCM staking platform is a restaking protocol built on NULS, offers NULS holders the opportunity to earn staking rewards without risking their assets.

After our cross-chain provider, NerveNetwork, fully completes the implementation for Bitcoin. we intend to harness NerveNetwork’s cross-chain capabilities to extend invitations to Brc20 ecosystem projects to join our POCM staking program. This will empower NULS holders to stake their assets and earn BRC20 tokens as rewards.

3. Support for BTC as gas on the NULS Mainnet

BTC is the totem of cryptocurrencies, and we will always remember and strive to promote the widespread adoption of BTC. Recently, the NULS community released the NIP-9 proposal, “Support for BTC/ETH assets as gas fees on the NULS mainnet,” this idea will benefit other Layer 2 networks created using NULS ChainBox and integrated into the NULS parallel chain with BTC/ETH as the primary assets.

The NIP-9 proposal is being discussed:

4. Integration of BTC Layer 2 modules into NULS ChainBox.

Relying on NULS ChainBox technology, a customized blockchain can be created in a few minutes and connected to the Bitcoin network via NerveNetwork crosschain solution.

The integration of Bitcoin into the NULS ecosystem marks a significant advancement for NULS in cross-chain interoperability and utility expansion. Together, we will achieve incredible growth in this cycle!

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