Scarcity of Blockchain Developers Means a Premium Salary is Easily Achieved

Blockchain is gaining traction with businesses and individuals alike., a talent recruitment platform, pointed out in a recent 2019 report that despite the downturn during the 2018 bear market blockchain engineers are still in high demand. In North America, the annual salary of blockchain engineers varies from $15,000 to $175,000, a hefty techie salary only matched by specialty AI experts. Experts in blockchain development can make twice the salary of ordinary software engineers.

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Developers in traditional enterprises typically engage in application and business development. They are proficient with various frameworks and tools and as a result, do not need extensive knowledge of underlying technologies in order to perform efficiently. This approach works best for enterprises. In the same way, it is highly difficult and costly for traditional developers to learn the underlying technology required to work with blockchain.

Traditional software development has already undergone years of perfecting the initial structure and framework, an inevitable process of refinement to create more efficiency for developers and minimize the learning threshold. As a result, open-source frameworks and tools are now readily available so that developers need only focus on business development and application development without having to concern themselves with underlying technology. Blockchain is catching up and moving in this same direction.

The improvement of the development framework and tools helps developers to bypass the underlying complexity of blockchain technology, and makes it easier for traditional developers to switch to blockchain development. For traditional developers who have no experience in blockchain development, tools have been created to help them create their applications and deploy them to their own blockchains in a matter of minutes.

Presently, the infrastructure of blockchain has a long way to go. The majority of early development frameworks and tools are not friendly enough for traditional developers. Modification of the underlying code is still a need for adding new business applications or features, and developers are unable to directly use the coding languages of choice in most situations, which in turn contributes to higher learning costs.

A refined development framework and associative tools can reduce the cost of learning and yield twice the result with just half the effort and time.

Compared with the earlier versions of framework and tools for blockchain development, NULS 2.0 provides a complete development framework and easy-to-use tools combined with micro-services architecture. NULS 2.0 can help developers without blockchain experience to work their way into an enjoyable premium salary by becoming blockchain developers.

One feature of NULS 2.0 is ChainBox, a chain-building solution that allows non-blockchain developers to build a basic chain in ten minutes. Developers can assemble new application chains using ChainBox, while maintaining their focus on development of business and application modules. With the help of NULS, traditional developers can develop on blockchain just as easily as they can on traditional software, without the need to involve the bottom layer. This allows them to exploit the advantages of their expertise with traditional business applications to the fullest extent.

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NULS 2.0 micro-service based architecture also allows multi-language support giving developers the flexibility to use the languages they are most proficient with to further save time and costs. Traditional developers can easily turn to blockchain development or start a new business in blockchain without any previous experience.

Traditional developers who use NULS can begin their path to success that ensures a better salary in a field that is advancing rapidly, and continues to enjoy high demand.

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