SCO Lab AMA: TPU- Token Promotion Union

The 5th AMA from SCO Lab Introduces TPU- A One-stop Technical Service Platform for Token Promotion

Issue 1: Projects repeatedly develop products with common needs, which is a waste of industry resources.

Issue 2: Systems between different projects cannot be interoperable. For example, the users of project A can only send red envelopes to the users of project A, but not to the users of project B directly, forming an isolated islands for their own assets and products.

Issue 3: The industry’s cognitive background demand is too high, too technical, and it is not very friendly to the general public.

Issue 4: Wechat platform, etc. has made a lot of restrictions on the promotion of digital assets, and some of the boundaries are not so clear.

The Value of Promotion

The largest advertising company in the world is Google, and the largest advertising company in China is Alibaba. There is a huge market to make good products known to the target client groups, and it is our goal to make the whole promotion process intelligent. mathematical, and standardize

Derivation of Value

We can let more people know digital tokens in all kinds of ways, and turn an ordinary user into a high-value token user and provide investment and opportunities to more people, and also bring additional value to relevant partners and industry service providers.

Our Focus

The core of TPU’s mission is to bring real value to the industry. As Ren Zhengfei said, “grind your own tofu and make your bean sprout well.” TPU will also focus on doing a good job on our technical platform for token promotion.

Multi-currency Red Envelopes

Projectors can interoperate cross-chained digital assets they own into TPUchain. The system-integrated Red Envelope Cloud Open Platform and Red Envelope Cloud DApp can enable users to send all kinds of digital-asset red envelopes quickly, and help project sides and business to carry out all kinds of marketing activities.

Characteristics are as follows:

· Red Envelope Cloud Service Based on Encrypted Digital Currency which is designed to support API, SDK and other access modes.

· There are many ways to play, such as fixed red envelopes, random red envelopes, red envelopes for taking a quiz and so on.

Super Coupons

For example, if we have a few friends together today, then I can support:

· Card Voucher Service Based on Encrypted Digital Currency, supporting API, SDK and other access modes

· Multi-scenes support, coupons, fan vouchers, etc.

Fission System Services

· Fission services to support rewarding system for multiple marketing promotions

Union Interface Standards

To promote the co-construction of distributed business ecosystem pools by different projects in the form of union protocols, we adhere to two standards:

· Standardized marketing product enabling project

· Union interaction protocol avoiding asset isolation

Distribution of the Token

The total amount of TPU token is 100 million.

10 million tokens are distributed on SCO, accounting for 10% of the total, and distributed over five years.

10 million tokens are for team incentives, unlocked and distributed in 5 years time;

The initial distribution amount is 15 million;

The overall distribution cycle is not less than 10 years.

Usage of the Token

Circulation: pay for products and services of TPU union and union members

Incentives: Tokens from TPU union after removing operating costs and development funds are used to reward TPU holders.

Governance: voting on union proposals and evaluating project promotions

Identity: Holding a certain amount of TPUs will get discounts on handling fees when you enjoy the services.

There are two types of mining:

Staking Mining: Users stake TPU or deposit other digital assets on TPUChain;

Behavior Mining: Promotion, sending red envelopes, using card vouchers, finding bugs, writing documents, designing mascots and other events that contribute to TPU union is also worked as mining, we will release the relevant rules shortly.

TPU distributes 2 million tokens per year for participating in SCO, and rewards every 100 seconds. The earlier the participation, the lower the cost. For the staking mining just mentioned, SCO is actually the same model.

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Run your own blockchain complete with tokens, smart contracts, cross-chain, and staking. Nothing makes blockchain easier. Find out more: