Sept 18th, 2018: Welcome to the NULS bi-monthly progress update.

It’s been busy, as we continue to make progress on tech, community, press and recruitment.

Here’s what we have been up to!

Technology Progress

  • NULS test-net v1.1.1-beta is released today at 4pm (Beijing time), (GMT+8). This new version supports multi-account transfers, multi-asset transactions and functions to exchange small change. We have also fixed some bugs in smart contracts. Read more.
  • Daily collection and processing of feedback problems of the main-net.
  • Testing and optimization of web wallet.
  • Public beta of the smart contract, contract development plug-in (IntelliJ IDEA) testing and code optimization.
  • API-server optimization and development of smart contract supporting functions.
  • Development of new functions in the explorer.
  • Product planning for next version of the web wallet.
  • Functional development and testing of v1.1.1-beta, including scripting support, multi-signature account interface, multi-account transfer interface, protocol upgrade function, small change-exchanging function, smart contract optimization and adding DApp data carrying protocol for supporting exchange docking.
  • Improvement of the detailed cross-chain solution.

Business and Community Progress

Speaking Events

Reaper Ran, Director of Community Operations

China: Reaper Ran, NULS Co-Founder & Director of Community Operations, participated in the Blockchain and Enterprise Technology Express talk at the Fifth Community Research Institute in China. Broadcast live, he shared the company’s vision of NULS, with a talk entitled ‘From single module to cross-chain ecosystem, what NULS is doing”.

Yang Lin presents Chain Factory

Korea: The NULS Korea Conference took place on September 11th at the Conrad Hotel in Seoul. Guests were introduced to the key topic: Chain Building Experts: NULS Cross-chain and Value Circulation Solutions, as well as to other projects who plan to build on the NULS ecosystem including PRISM and Superlinks. New Korean partners, HENA, JYA and VICS, as well as the CEO of PRISM, each gave a presentation on their respective blockchain projects.

Read more > HERE

Alicia Huang at Chain Energy Economy conference

Beijing: Alicia Huang, head of the NULS Beijing Liaison Office, was invited to participate in the Chain Energy Economy conference in Beijing, held by the Hong Kong International Institute for New Economics. Topics discussed included the evolution of blockchain and how to help existing enterprises adapt to the new emerging digital market economy.

Community Ambassadors

All five new community ambassadors have established their nodes and received community funds. We look forward to supporting the team in their respective communities. The ambassadors are: Russia @nataligonina, Australia @ZaneNodeAmazing, US @Jgatto, Singapore @juggernot and France @johan.

The third phase of community development has stepped into operation, and we are pushing ahead, attracting more new talent everyday.

Hop over to the Community Forum to join in the discussion >>

Exchange News

QBTC Swap Complete

QBTC completed the NULS main-net token swap and opened for deposits and withdrawals on September 10th. If you hold NULS on their platform, your tokens have been switched, no further action is required on your part.

Binance Competition Complete

The Binance “NULS Competition — 50,000 NULS Giveaway!” promotion has ended. All prizes have now been distributed to the winners’ accounts, records can be viewed on the “Distribution History” page in the User Center.

Welcome To Our Latest Recruits

We are delighted to announce a further two new recruits who have joined our team in China.

  • Huishun Jiang, Director of Testing
  • Feifei Zan, Market Analysis Manager

This takes our current number of employees to 54.

New NULS Merchandise Store

The community asked for a merchandise store, and we delivered. More t-shirts and items will be added in the coming weeks. Check it out now!

In The News

  • Coinspeaker News
    The health benefits of blockchain.
    Read > HERE
  • Tech News
    Blockchain: It’s all about division of labour
    Read > HERE
  • Coinspeaker News
    NULS wants to make blockchain affordable: Chain Factory explained
    Read > HERE
  • News1 Korea
    Korean September 11th, conference report.
    Read > HERE (test your Korean!)

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