Specification on the Exchange Wallet Suspension During NULS 1.0 to NULS 2.0 Mainnet Upgrading Process

On August 21st, NULS mainnet officially began its upgrade from 1.0 to 2.0. NULS is entering our 2.0 era!

We are currently undertaking Phase One. The team has released NULS 1.0 mainnet v1.3.0 on 21st August (GMT +8). The purpose of this version is to start the NULS 2.0 upgrade process, which requires that 90% of the mainnet nodes to be upgraded v1.3.0 (Download it here). After 30,000 blocks are created, the mainnet will switch to the new protocol. The new protocol stipulates that the mainnet will not pack transactions after 80,000 blocks (but the block height will continue to increase). At this point Phase Two begins, and the mainnet nodes will upgrade to 2.0.

We have contacted the trading platform/wallet in advance before this upgrade. Currently, most of the partnered trading platforms and wallets will support the NULS2.0 main network upgrade.

Due to the time required for technical docking, some exchanges/wallets may be temporarily suspended during the upgrade period. Please pay attention to latest announcement on the relevant exchange/wallet.

You can follow the instructions on exchange/wallet announcement channel or choose to store NULS in your light wallet or desktop wallet temporarily before NULS. 1.0 stops packing transactions.

IMPORTANT— Once the 1.0 mainnet stops packing transactions, DO NOT send your NULS to other 1.0 mainnet addresses. After the 80,000 blocks have been reached, the 1.0 mainnet stops packing transactions.

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