Statement Regarding the Attack on NULS Ecosystem’s Restaking Protocol — NULS POCM

2 min readFeb 18, 2024

To the NULS Community:

We’ve become aware of an attack by unknown hackers on specific NULS POCM projects. We want to assure the community that there is no need to worry about any loss. We guarantee that all POCM staking users will soon have access to their NULS and POCM tokens. Most assets are secure and under our control, and any remaining ones will be reimbursed if necessary.

We have identified the source of the exploit and are working to fix it promptly. Please note that the POCM system is currently unavailable.

Rest assured that all other NULS products are unaffected. We will provide an update to our community in the next 24–48 hours.

To POCM Stakers:

  • For the affected POCM projects, POCM stakers will regain access to their accounts and assets after the platform is fully restored.
  • For the unaffected POCM projects, the staked NULS and the earned project tokens have been transferred to the stakers’ wallet addresses.

To NULS POCM Partners:

We can confirm that our partners’ tokens were not affected by this incident. All POCM project tokens in the POCM smart contracts have been returned to the project creator’s account (POCM Address). Once all issues are resolved, we will redeploy all projects using a new POCM contract.

The attacked projects and their smart contract addresses are:

  • AlveyChain — Contract Address: NULSd6HgtpbsEbDNDST9vhZtHq9b6Z8aptCXP
  • InfinityBitToken — Contract Address: NULSd6HgoSoxhZnUCNBVaY8koBTAsyAChqWDM
  • aiNULS — Contract Address: NULSd6HgzzXeZ3WH8YucwNQWYdANZYFeEaCLq

We, the NULS Team, are strongly committed to the integrity of the NULS ecosystem. We are deeply grateful for the support from our community.

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