“Success In Progress” at the NULS Developers Workshop in Silicon Valley
San Jose, CA

On February 20th, 2019 David Wasson, NULS Foundation’s Regional Director in the USA hosted the first Silicon Valley Developer Workshop at their new offices in San Jose, CA. The purpose of the workshop was to introduce interested developers to NULS’ opensource, public, modular blockchain platform.

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CCC Developer Moshe Malawach presenting at the workshop

There were 15 enthusiastic individuals participating in the introductory workshop which was jointly led by NULS CCC and Core Team members Moshe, David, and Penny. The event resulted in some new developers expressing their intent to join the NULS developer community including follow-on conversations regarding their potential roles.

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David Wasson speaking to developers at the Introductory Workshop in NULS Silicon Valley office.

PeerX, a San Francisco based start-up company participated in the workshop in consideration of building their DAPP on NULS platform.
The San Jose Developers Workshop is the first in an ongoing monthly series that will include education modules for;
• Smart Contracts
• NULS 2.0 — Microservices Architecture
• Chain Factory
• Cross Chain, Transaction, Ledgers, Consensus

The success of the first workshop demonstrates the strong interest that the robust and talented technical community of Silicon Valley has in NULS technology, and blockchain in general. NULS plans to roll-out the Developer Workshop Series across the United States on a regular basis and in various cities in a mission to attract even more high quality talent and businesses to the growing ecosystem.

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