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Superlinks joins forces with NULS to create a decentralized social networking DApp built on blockchain.

NULS CEO Liesa Huang said “we are delighted to work with Superlinks and look forward to partnering with them and supporting their talented team in the coming months. ”

“You have stories, I have tea”

Superlinks has been hosting tea parties in Wangjing SOHO, Beijing, inviting experts and enthusiasts of blockchain and AI to share their stories.

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Wangjing SOHO, Beijing, China

On Sept 17th, Alicia Huang, NULS Head of Beijing Liaison Office shared the story of NULS.

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Alicia Huang, NULS Head of Beijing Liaison Office
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Superlinks CEO Ryan Zhang, Alicia Huang (NULS) and other guests

About Superlinks

Aimed at an international audience of high net-worth individuals (people with personal net assets over one million US dollars), Superlinks will target a growing niche audience whose needs are not being met by traditional social media platforms. The company will create an active ecosystem which facilitates business and personal networking, as well as on- and off-line events. Superlinks plan to promote their digital token SLK as a measure of exchange and payment within the ecosystem. Community members will have speaker and voting rights on the direction of the future of the company (foundation), according to the value of their holding, but the system will be organized in such a way as to reward good social behavior and status.

According to Ryan Zhang, Superlinks CEO, “we are delighted to partner with NULS because we believe our visions align so well. Superlinks will develop a real-world use case for a social media DApp, and we hope to use cross-chain to eventually connect with other projects and markets in the future.”

According to the latest World Wealth Report (Capgemini, 2018), the total assets of global high net worth individuals increased by 10.6% in 2017. At the same time, the number of millionaires have grown 9.5% since 2016. With the growing number of wealthy individuals around the world, the demand for more customized services and tailored networking is exploding.


The high-end community behind Superlinks will improve NULS’ diverse community ecology; meanwhile, the strategic investment on Superlinks also reflects the investment values of NULS. We hope that on the road of realizing the business value of blockchain, NULS and Superlinks can grow together to promote the ecological integration of both sides and produce more positive chemical reactions.

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