SWFT,Beijing ChainsGuard Technology, and BEPAL have taken the Lead in Docking Chain Factory Third-Party Service Platforms

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NULS Chain Factory (factory.nuls.io) recently launched a “time-limited free for building blockchain” plan to help promote the global popularity of blockchain technology. This supports chain builders to easily build a blockchain with no threshold and no cost. When launched, the plan received extensive attention and in-depth support from chain builders and partners.

At present, many Nuls partners such as BEPAL the SWFT Blockchain, and one of the world’s largest flash exchange platforms — Beijing ChainsGuard Technology — are focused on blockchain security services. BEPAL, a digital asset management service company, has access to third-party services of Chain Factory, providing them with complete blockchain services.

In the following weeks, Nuls will continue to access more high-quality third-party partners. Chain Factory is a fully functional and professional blockchain service platform that provides a comprehensive blockchain solution for both novices and professionals.

About SWFT
SWFT Blockchain is one of the world’s largest flash exchange platforms. It is decentralized and requires no registration. SWFT aggregated transactions bring together the entire network depth of Binance, Huobi, OKEx, intelligent ordering, and fast trading.

About Beijing Chainsguard Technology Co., Ltd
ChainsGuard’s focus is blockchain security, including but not limited to exchanges, wallets, chain’s nodes and mining pool security services. The team has comprehensive public chain vulnerability mining and project code auditing capabilities. They provide comprehensive on-chain data traceability and project code auditing services, as well as chain security evaluation and chain security rating services.

BEPAL is a comprehensive technology company focusing on the blockchain field. The core team began to focus on the blockchain asset security management in 2015 and launched digital wallets and various security hardware products. BEPAL has superior technologies such as blockchain aggregation access, multi-chain data management, and private key security management. It has mature application solutions in digital wallets, security hardware, and the Internet of Things data upload and application. It developed a multi-chain asset integrated management service platform, BEPAL Wallet, and the IoT one-stop block link into the service platform, BEPAL IoT.

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