The Election for NULS Community Council is Open for On-Chain Voting

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In yet another milestone for NULS to gradually promote community autonomy, the Community Governance Tool was launched on Oct. 31st. Current ongoing elections include the Community Council, as well as the 4th Quarter Ambassador election.

The NULS Community Council is a member organization that operates on behalf of the NULS Foundation and is responsible for the growth and advancement of the NULS community. The on-chain election of NULS community councilors will strictly abide by the NIP10_NULS Community Council Charter. The councilors will participate in the resolutions of major issues related to the development of the NULS community, as well as routine affairs related to community governance.

Operation of the NULS community and advanced construction and development of community autonomy can be achieved through use of the NULS Community Fund, which is managed by the Foundation on behalf of the Community Council. Every NULS token holder can exercise and participate in community cooperation through elections, proposals, polls, etc. While performing their rights and responsibilities, they will receive the corresponding rewards: Rotating Directors: 1650 NULS / month; Technical Directors / Operational Directors / Managing Directors: 1500 NULS / month.

(1) Councilors: 11 in total, including 4 technical councilors, 4 operational councilors, and 3 management councilors. The members of the Council are elected by dynamic voting. The top 4 in the technical councilors list will be formally recognized as technical councilors, likewise, the top 4 as the operational councilors and the top 3 as the managing councilors.

(2) Rotating councilors: rotating councilors are elected internally by members of the Council.

1. Four technical councilors : hold no less than 25,000 NULS continuously, hold a deposit of 5,000 NULS, have a technical working background (architecture, full-stack development, operation and maintenance, testing) and provide corresponding resumes;

2. Four operational councilors : hold no less than 50,000 NULS continuously, hold a deposit of 5,000 NULS, have the operation working background (new media operation and marketing, community operation, business development, community governance, etc.) and provide corresponding resumes;

3. Three managing councilors : hold no less than 50,000 NULS continuously, hold a deposit of 5,000 NULS, have management background (finance, human resources, law, etc.) and provide corresponding resumes;

All NULS holders are invited to carefully read the relevant charters and participate in the election according to the charters.

NIP10_NULS Community Council Charter

NIP2_NULS Community Charter

NIP3_NULS Community Fund Management and Use Process

NULS community councilors must contribute to building the NULS ecosystem and promoting the development of the NULS community. Being a member of the NULS council is not only an honor bestowed via community trust, but also a significant responsibility.

The opening of the on-chain election of councilors marks the initialization of NULS’s community-based operations and the capability of self-evolution, including the perpetual advancement toward decentralization that public chain projects strive to achieve.

All NULS holders are welcome to participate in the campaign and vote.

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