The Final Hours Are Approaching For the NULS 2.0 Mainnet Launch!

We are pleased to inform you that with your help, we are entering the final stage of the NULS 2.0 mainnet upgrade. NULS 1.0 is expected to stop packing transactions at block height: 3666818 on 2019–09–11 20:35 (GMT+8). Once 1.0 mainnet stops packing transactions, we will start the NULS 2.0 mainnet within 24 hours.

After the launch of NULS 2.0, desktop users will need to download the NULS 2.0 wallet here to import their 1.0 keystore or private key to access their new 2.0 account and balance. The desktop 1.0 wallet will no longer be functional, but you will not lose your NULS.

Please Note: All 1.0 mainnet nodes will need to be recreated on 2.0, therefore stakers will need to stake their NULS into 2.0 nodes once they go up. You do not need to unstake from any node — just be ready to stake into your chosen node once they are created on 2.0 mainnet.

If you hold your NULS on an exchange that supports NULS 2.0 upgrade, be aware that some exchanges might stop transfer services temporarily during this time. Users should pay careful attention to exchange announcement channels.

With the launch of NULS 2.0 mainnet, we welcome the following innovative features:

  • NULSTAR — A micro-service underlying framework that bypasses the underlying technical details and helps facilitate development
  • ChainBox — A tool that allows users to build a chain under 10 minutes
  • POCM — An SCO platform that supports one-click participation in multiple SCO projects
  • Cross-chain — Interoperability that enables cross-chain interaction of assets in the ecosystem for optimized liquidity and application options
  • Light wallet — A user wallet that supports transfers, and one-click participation in NULS staking
  • Node ‘desktop’ wallet — A wallet for NULS masternode operators to create NULS nodes with ease to join consensus and gain rewards
  • Evolution — A voting mechanism for mainnet upgrades providing high efficiency and eliminating any risk of forks
  • NULS 2.0 Mobile Wallet — Developed by NULS Eco-partner Nabox, a service platform for applications in NULS ecosystem. The mobile wallet supports and integrates asset management, community management, DAPP access, etc.

NULS 2.0 encapsulates complex underlying technology, divides the blockchain system into completely independent modules, and provides comprehensive blockchain solutions that eliminates complexity and makes blockchain easier. 2.0 supports multiple coding languages and on-demand deployment to customize any blockchain system.

With innovative products, optimal solutions, ecological support and the first-mover advantage of SCOs , 2.0 will advance NULS through rapid expansion of the NULS ecosystem.

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