The First Quarter Contributors Selection

You have worked alongside NULS for one year, we are now entering another year of our cooperation. Even as the market witnessed a significant drawback, you have always believed in the NULS community. The selection of contributors for NULS in the first quarter of 2020 has officially began.

The quarterly community contributor selection is a traditional activity for the community and has been a reoccurrence since the establishment of NULS.

The significance of the selection is in the importance this will have for our future. We are grateful to every community member who has contributed to NULS. We look forward to the contributions made by community members in support of NULS.

In the first quarter of 2020, whether it is a virus or a race against the market, the NULS community is fearless. In the past quarter, the NULS ecosystem and community grew.

This is the result of joint efforts with the NULS team and community. The quarterly contributors will generate no more than 5 quarterly contributors through a voting process. These contributors will be formally announced to the community once chosen.

Selection Rules and Rewards:

1. All NULS community members

(Except for core team members, NTC members and ambassadors);

2. Members who have relatively outstanding contribution in the selection quarter. Which include: content (article / video / picture), community building (community / forum /), activities (offline participation or organization / online participation or organization), promotion (cooperation / publication), etc.;

3. Quarterly Contribution Awards are selected once a quarter, and are self-selected or recommended by community members, and voted on the community;

4. All relevant members, please submit the application forms ,by the deadline of March 31st, 2020.

5. Self-selected based on a recommendation, please describe the events in the first quarter, no less than 200 words;

6. The final vote produced no more than 5 quarterly contributors.

7. From the beginning of nominations, the community proposes and discusses the main plan. After the nomination period, voting starts after March 31st.


1.The reward for NULS community quarterly contribution derives from community funds;

2.The outstanding contributors that are voted on will receive 100 NULS rewards;

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