The New NULS Council has been Formally Founded

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On November 1, the NULS Mainnet officially launched the community governance tool, and NULS community council started its first online election. With the active participation of community members, the election has obtained 37,665,086 votes in total, at the time of writing. As the voting result is now stable, the new NULS community council has been formally founded.

According to the Community Charter, 11 council members, including 3 Management Directors, 4 Technical Directors, and 4 Operations directors, were elected in this voting. The following is a brief introduction to the 11 newly appointed.

Management Councillors:

Reaper Ran, Co-founder of NULS. Reaper has been deeply involved in the planning and design of NULS since its establishment. He has been responsible for the operation of the NULS community, promoted NULS to be listed on more than 20 exchanges, added nearly 10 institutions to the main network nodes, and promoted multiple projects to cooperate with NULS and become ecosystem partners. In the future, Reaper will continue to promote the ecosystem development of NULS together with the other directors.

Sue, member of the NULS community. She is active in multiple NULS communities actively participating in publicity and community building, provides assistance to NULS core team and NTC to improve community regulations and systems, and coordinates the delivery of community information globally. In addition, Sue has more than 15 years of organizational management experience with an MBA. She loves management and has good insight into human nature, excellent communication and coordination skills, organization building, personnel training, organizational culture, corporate governance and also has extensive practical experiences in design, implementation, optimization of the management systems and organizational change.

Mudi, Community Member and experienced businessman with operations in central and South America. Mudi’s main business is located in the second-largest duty-free zone in the world and his family is a member of the government. In the free trade zone, his business deals with more than $5 billion a year in revenue and has more than 525 million consumers. Mudi joined the NULS community at the time it was founded. To support the development of NULS, Mudi has hired developers to build DAPPs based on NULS. He has also translated NULS related materials into Spanish and publicized NULS in overseas communities.

Operational Councillors:

Aurora, Community Member who has been selected multiple times as an outstanding NULS Community Contributor and served as NULS Ambassador of China for two quarters. Aurora has been with the NULS community for nearly two years. She is actively involved in every promotion of NULS, answering questions from community members globally. When NULS launches new products, Aurora collects FAQs and documents to help community members understand the new products. She actively provides community feedback and technical issues to the core team and helps NULS optimize their products. She has dedicated much of her early professional/academic life to NULS and has indicated that this commitment has definitely been worthwhile. She hopes to promote the development of NULS together with a group of like-minded people, sharing both interests and challenges.

Lily Wang, Co-founder of NULS. Lily has been actively promoting the development of NULS since its birth and has significantly contributed to the design and planning of NULS from its earliest conceptual stage. Lily has actively participated in every growth stage of NULS community. She has facilitated several teams and projects to become partners with NULS and has be a major contributor to the development of NULS ecosystem. Most recently, Lily has been promoting and implementing community autonomy across NULS, enabling more people to participate in community building and development.

Steven Tuong, Community Member from Sydney, Australia. Steven has more than 23 years of IT experience and has served as a business analyst, project manager, senior consultant, solution architect, business director, and most recently held an important position as a Senior IT Manager. Steven has been an active member in the NULS community since 2017 and has operated a consensus node since NULS mainnet 1.0. He will continue to devote himself to the building NULS ecosystem, promote the development of Western communities, represent the Western communities, and enhance the brand image of NULS in the West.

Song Xin, Community Member and selected multiple times as an outstanding NULS community contributor. Song has served as a NULStar and has been responsible for the publicity and ecosystem project development for NULS in Central China. Song set up the first QQ group for NULS, registered accounts for NULS in 8Btc,, Weibo, Zhihu and has actively released information and news related to NULS. Song has served as a blockchain practitioner, project co-founder, CEO and many other notable roles. At present, Song has set up a blockchain technology service company in Jiangsu Province. Through his extensive relationships in the blockchain industry, Song will recommend NULS to new potential partners, expand the NULS community and enrich the NULS ecosystem.

Technical Councillors:

Niels, Technical Product Director, NULS Core Team and NTC Member. With 10 years of programming experience, Niels has been engaged in applied research and development and is proficient in blockchain, big data, and large concurrent system architecture. He is the core designer and developer of the NULS main network and has contributed to the bottom layer R & D and product design of NULS. In future, Niels will continue to promote the improvement of NULS ecosystem products, research blockchain technology and optimize product to make NULS more user-friendly. Niels will continue to generate technical concepts for NULS, strive to improve the position of NULS in the industry, optimize the structure of NTC, and improve the work efficiency and output of NTC.

Lin Yang: Member of the NULS Core Team, NTC and a NULS angel investor. Lin is an early explorer of blockchain technology and is proficient in Java / Scala / Golang / PHP and other development languages, with more than 10 years of software architecture and development experience. Lin is the founder of NULS bottom layer design and POC consensus mechanism as well as a major contributor to NULS core code. Lin will continue to contribute to the bottom layer improvement and product optimization of NULS in the future. He will also promote the optimization of the NTC and improve the efficiency and output of NTC.

Berzeck, NTC Member. Berzeck has rich experience in developing and deploying medium/large-scale systems, deep understanding of the theory and practical use of C, C + +, QT / QML and SQL in Linux and Windows environments, rich experience in large-scale cloud platforms (AWS, Google, etc.), and team management experience in finance and operation. Berzeck has participated in the design of NULS 2.0 microservice architecture, led the development of NULStar which is the core of NULS 2.0, and designed an algorithm setting a maximum supply of 210 million for NULS, which has been approved by the community. Since the last year, Berzeck has taken on a full-time role in the research and development of NULS. In the future, Berzeck will continue to devote himself to the research and development and ecosystem development of NULS.

Vivi: NULS Core Team Member and NTC Member. With 10 years of Java development experience, Vivi has been engaged in the research and development of financial, business and accounting systems. Vivi participated in the R & D and product design of NULS 2.0, and made many technical dockings with NULS partners, making significant contributions to the performance optimization of the bottom layer module of NULS 2.0. In the future, Vivi will continue to improve the basic products and documentation of NULS, participate in the reform of NTC, and improve the work efficiency and output of NTC.

As a global open-source community project, NULS has been striving to promote community autonomy. The first successful election of NULS community directors marks a solid step forward in community autonomy. In the future, with the help of the community on-chain governance tool, NULS will further improve the efficiency of community autonomy and enable more people participate in the building of NULS ecosystem.

Detailed voting result

Note: This article does not constitute an investment proposal. Please carefully study and judge the relevant contents and make investment decisions prudently.

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