The NULS Mainnet Swap Function will be Closed on March 21st

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To NULS community:

After the NULS2.0 mainnet was launched on September 12th, 2019, to avoid any potential losses experienced by users, the NULS team re-opened the NULS mainnet swapping function in accordance with our policies.

Visit here: and follow the instructions on the page to map the ERC20 token held to the NULS2.0 mainnet token.

Note: According to the established plan, the swap function of the NULS mainnet will stop on March 21st, 2020. Members of the community who have not completed swapping must do so beforehand. Overdue requests will not be processed if they are done after this date. At that time, the relevant ERC20 token in the account will be donated to NULS Community Fund.

At present, the NULS core blockchain-building product, “Chain Factory,” has been launched and is available for free for a limited to anyone who would like to build a blockchain. The Chain Factory removes the technical barriers of blockchain, and simultaneously provides access to high-quality third-party services, that are committed to building a complete blockchain solution platform to help anyone build a blockchain at a low cost. It is our hope that Chain Factory will help popularize the use of blockchain technology worldwide, and promote the implementation of blockchain commercial applications. The development of NULS has entered a new stage. Thank you to community members for their support and assistance as always.


1. After the swapping application is successfully submitted, you will get a unique ETH recycling address. Please keep this recycling address in mind. After the swapping starts, please transfer the original NULS tokens to this unique address. After the coin is transferred, the new mainnet NULS coin will be transferred to the NULS address you submitted in time.

2. For the safety of your assets, please identify the recycling address that belongs to you. Do not trust any others that have offered self-identified recycling address via email, telegram, WeChat, or Twitter. If you have not received the new NULS address within 24 hours after the transfer, please save the transfer screenshot and other related information and contact to report this.

3. According to the swapping support rules, if you do transfer swap now, the system will automatically charge a 1% service fee. In addition, we will stop the swap function on March 21st, 2020, at which time all NULS tokens that are not swapped will be donated to the NULS Foundation;

4. After completing the transfer, you can submit the NULS address again to view the corresponding transfer record of the account, including the time, quantity and status of each transfer.

NULS Core Team

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