The Second Quarter Contributors Selection

2 min readJun 17, 2020


When we talk about the community, we are talking about ecology.

In the NULS community, countless people make suggestions and run for ecological construction. Over the past three months, NULS ecosystem has expanded greatly with new partnerships, new strategic investors, the development of NerveNetwork, and the promotion of our global NULStar program. We firmly believe that everyone in the NULS community adds a unique ecology towards this success.

Hereby, NULS community Second Quarter contributors selection is initiated.

The quarterly community contributors selection has become a bit of a tradition, it is an activity that has been ongoing since the establishment of NULS itself.

The significance of the selection is in the importance this will have for our future. We are grateful to all community members who have contributed to NULS so far. We look forward to more ongoing contributions made by community members in continuous support of NULS.

Selection Eligibility & Rules

1. Open to all NULS community members
(Except for core team members, NTC members and ambassadors);

2. Members who have made notable contributions in the selection quarter. This can be in areas such as content (article / video / picture), community building (community / forum /), activities (offline participation or organization / online participation or organization), promotion (cooperation / publication), etc;

3. Quarterly Contribution Awards are selected once a quarter, and candidates can be self-nominated or recommended by other community members.

4. All relevant members wanting to be considered, must submit their application forms here , by the deadline of June 30th, 2020.

5. Nominees need to describe the activities of their contributions made in the quarter, no less than 200 words;

6. A shortlist of five (5) contributors will be chosen from all the submissions for the quarter and be put to a community vote.

7. From the beginning of nominations, the community can discuss the merits of each candidates in the forum. After the nomination period, voting starts after June 30th.


1.The reward for NULS community quarterly contribution will be taken from the Community Fund;

2. Outstanding contributors recognized through community vote will receive 100 NULS rewards each.




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