The Swap Function of NULS Mainnet Closed, and the Unswapped NULS has been Transferred to Community Fund

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To NULS community:

According to the previously posted announcement, the swapping function of the NULS mainnet has been officially closed on March 21, 2020. ERC20 tokens that have not been exchanged, won’t be able to swap after the expiry date. The related ERC20 tokens were donated to the NULS community fund.

The total number of unswapped ERC20 tokens on the swapping address is 1430631.083427 NULS, which have been successfully transferred to the corresponding address of the community fund.

These funds will be used to support the development and construction of the NULS community and will be subject to community supervision.

At present, the NULS core chain-building product — Chain Factory has been released and is freely available to chain-makers. Chain Factory completely hides the underlying technical obstacles of the blockchain and accesses high-quality third-party services. We are committed to building a complete blockchain solution platform, helping chain makers to build a blockchain with zero thresholds and zero costs.

The development of NULS is inseparable from the contribution and support of every community member. As always, thank you for your company!

NULS Core Team

March 26 2020

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