The WISLab development team at Guangzhou University of Technology successfully connects the LOGIN EASY App with NULS

Second Half of January Bi-Monthly Report

Technical Progress

1. The NULS mainnet launched V2.4.0 after fixing some bugs found while reviewing the code.

2. Chain Factory completed iterative development and has been updated.

3. The DEX is conducting front-to back end debugging.

4. We have distributed surveys to investigate and solve the problems that exist in current applications.

NULS Code Craft Council

NULS Technical Community Progress (NTC and CCC):

Business & Community Progress and Event

  1. On January 16th 2020, the NULS team announced that the mainnet wallet would be updated on the 20th. Some bugs were fixed and POCM will be available after updating the software.

Please find the release in the link here:

You can follow the tutorial of the wallet update here:

2. On January 17th 2020, NULS was listed on BiBull exchange.

3. On January 19th 2020, to meet the demand of users, the global currency derivatives trading platform, PLO (, began offering its users NULS contract transactions.

4. On January 23rd 2020, NULS organized online Spring Festival activities in the community gave away prizes.

5. On January 24th 2020, The WISLab development team at Guangzhou University of Technology connected the LOGIN EASY App with NULS, adding more safe, convenient and intelligent operations to the digital wallet. In addition to NULS account import, transfer, management and other functions, it has been added to automatically generate a super password (anti-crack, anti-crash library), and the automatic signature of private key is stored in the login and easy app when transferring money to the web wallet (anti-phishing).

Global Progress

1. On January 17th 2020, NULS welcomed the new West NTC member Nancy Schorr, Python Developer:

2. On January 24th 2020, NULS wishes all community members happy Chinese lunar new year.

3. On January 27th, we announced our new West Communications Director — Lise Wagnac:

4. On January 27th, NULS West Team began the implementation of Chain Factory at Portland State University for use as an educational tool in their Blockchain Lab.

5. On January 29th, NULStar George Pro participated in a meetup at the IOT network hub in Ghana:

Community Governance Updates and Progress

  1. In January 2020, the NULS community announced recruitment of ambassadors in Q1 2020:
  2. In January 2020, Dappbirds shared their proposal with the NULS community: Voting for this proposal has not begun.
  3. The implemented proposals include content contribution proposals and community supervision proposals. Among them, the content contribution proposals have not been launched this quarter. For additional details, please visit the following links:

Content contribution proposals:

Community supervision proposals:

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