Top NULS Contributors of Q2 2020

The ecosystem is a major part of any community.
In the NULS community, countless people have contributed to building out our ecosystem. Over the past three months, the NULS ecosystem has expanded greatly with new partnerships, new strategic investors, the development of NerveNetwork, and the promotion of our global NULStar program. We firmly believe that everyone in the NULS community has added something unique towards this success.

After nearly one month of voting, the NULS community has selected the top 5 contributors of the second quarter of 2020.

They are as follows:
849797 Votes
Voting Rate:26.02%
Introduction: Seso is super fan who loves NULS very much and has been with NULS since its establishment. He manages the Spanish community and actively interacts with the English group, sharing NULS information to the various communities. He translates our progress reports into Spanish promptly and shares them in the Spanish community.

781962 Votes
Voting Rate:23.95%
LvBaTou has made a lot of contributions to NerveNetwork: He hosted NerveNetwork’s AMA, wrote a lot of NerveNetwork articles on his WeChat public account, and published the NerveNetwork Essay Plan and Forward Plan. There are many people involved in the Forward Plan and many platforms are covered, which greatly increases the exposure of NULS and NerveNetwork. He also called on people to form dozens of NerveNetwork WeChat groups, where he can often be seen. He is very active in preaching Nerve, spreading Nerve’s philosophy and technology to people, and constantly expanding Nerve’s influence. He has been a mssive contributor to the NULS ecosystem being what it is today.

671562 Votes
Voting Rate:20.57%
Viriato is well-known by many in the community. He has been supporting the Portuguese ambassador to promote NULS both in Portugal and Brazil. He also appears in the work report of Portuguese and manages many network platforms with the Portuguese ambassador:

Daniel Djayadi
427018 Votes
Voting Rate:13.08%
As a blogger with 4,000 followers, Daniel is an influential leader in the blockchain community. We are grateful for his love and support of NULS.

403093 Votes
Voting Rate:12.34%
Dandy translates NULS progress reports into Indonesian promptly so that the native community members are swiftly updated. He has suggested many new initiatives for increasing exposure of NULS to the Indonesian community.

We would like to once again express our heartfelt gratitude to all our community members who have contributed to NULS in one way or another.
We look forward to seeing even more outstanding contributions from community members in continuous support of NULS.
Thank you!

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