Top NULS Contributors of Q3 2020

In three years, we have gone through our fair share of ups and downs. And with this, we would like to recognize the ones with the thicker skin and strong hands. The ones with passion and fire in their hearts for NULS, always willing to put out a strong voice.

In the past three years, from ERC20 to main-net, from main-net 1.0 to 2.0, hundreds of consensus nodes, NULS POCM to NerveNetwork & NerveDex launching, there is a group of people who have always followed NULS through triumphs and setbacks, despite market conditions.

After nearly one month of voting, the NULS community has selected the top 4 contributors of the third quarter of 2020.

They are as below:



Voting Rate:20.88%

Introduction : In the 3rd quarter, he built the NULS iron fans, WeChat groups, and issued NULS ecological project–LCC token to drain for NULS ecosystem construction. He pointed out the difficulties and obstacles of LCC in NULS wallet and NDEX transfer, proposed the need for upgrading, and made an important contribution to the further development of the NULS ecosystem.


656246 votes

Voting Rate:20.17%


He is the admin of the WeChat Avid Fans Group and he also built many other SCO projects Wechat groups. He is always strengthening NULS communities and has made a lot of contributions in developing and promoting NULS.


656183 votes

Voting Rate:20.17%


In the 3rd quarter, he used the NULS JS SDK to develop a NULS Chrome plug-in with account management, transaction processing, and docking functions. It has made important contributions to the NULS technical community and ecosystem development.

You can click here for details:


630683 votes

Voting Rate:19.39%


He continuously works hard in NULS community. He supports to manage the discord channel and also helps the Portuguese ambassador to expand the NULS western market. Most of NULS members know his contribution to NULS community.

You can read the details about his work here:

Lastly, we would like to once again express our heartfelt gratitude to all our community members who have contributed to NULS one way or another.

We look forward to seeing even more outstanding contributions from our community members in continuous support of NULS.

Thank you!

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