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Wallet Update

After successful beta testing, we plan to release a new version of the NULS main-net wallet. NULS Main-Net v1.0.1 will be launched on August 13th, 2018 (4pm Singapore time). This new version of the wallet will provide better stability and an improved user experience.

During testing, we discovered a few errors which could cause the online upgrade function to falter in some cases.

We ask that you follow the upgrade instructions below carefully. Once you complete this upgrade, any future upgrades will be available through an easy online upgrade function.

Upgrade steps and precautions

1. Visit or access the official website of NULS at to download the new version of wallet;

2. Install the wallet to a specific directory;

3. Stop the old version of wallet (in case of block-generating wallet, you can first enter {rootdir}/logs/consensus-{today}.log, view your packaging time, and stop operating the old version of wallet after confirming your packaging is completed);

4. Copy or cut and paste the data directory in the old version to the directory in the new version (if there is no data directory in the old version, you can visit the download page to avoid lengthy data synchronization);

5. Start the new version.

What Has Changed: NULS Main-Net v1.0.1 Upgrade Log

1. Solved the issue of local balance miscalculation during multiplication delegation or deleting of consensus nodes;

2. Solved the issue of failed block synchronization after restarting the wallet.

3. Optimized network node connection and solve the issue of incomplete display of nodes at home page;

4. Added the function of backup prompt after creation of wallet account;

5. Localized the time displayed in the wallet in view of different time zones;

6. Ignored unnecessary fields when the cmd command line outputs consensus node information;

7. Solved the issue of miscalculation of block commission service fees of getblock interface and getblockheader interface;

8. Solved the issue of getblock interface to return incomplete values;

9. Added the function of batch import/export of private keys;

10. Solved the issue of inaccurate prompt during transfer if there is too much change in the wallet;

11.Solved the upgrade online malfunction which affected certain cases.


August 10th, 2018

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