Welcome our New Communications Director — Lise Wagnac!

Let’s put our hands together to welcome our new Communications Director, Lise Wagnac!

Lise Wagnac joined the Robin8 Foundation on their Profile Utility Token (PUT) as their Community Manager (CM) to manage their ICO and develop the community. Though she was first hired as a CM, in less than a year she was promoted to Marketing Director to build and run the Marketing Department. In the many roles she took on at Robin 8, she was not only able to make a significant impact on how the company marketed itself in blockchain, but also helped the company operate more efficiently.

During this time, many companies approached her to independently consult on their marketing strategies and measure effectiveness through detailed analyses. The experience of consulting and running a Marketing Department, led her to form Blocplus Marketing in 2018.

She is passionate about helping companies grow and manage sustainable communities. She uses strategies that include, influencer marketing, airdrops, along with creating consistent, engaging content to build an audience, among other strategies. She typically creates a content plan and calendar based on the results of her analysis of what generates positive sentiment in each of the communities she manages. She enjoys the process of analyzing the most successful social media pages based on the niche of each client and applying successful techniques to create a unique strategy relevant to their strategic goals.

Throughout her experience of working with teams, she has discovered the key ingredients for building a brand and voice on social media particularly as a blockchain technology company. She has worked Metaverse, insChain, DCC, ScanTrust, Abelian, Luxchain, CoinSuper, IAP Network and Konstellation.

Lise’s LinkedIn Page: HERE

Q & A:

1. What did you think about the NULS project?

Lise: There are so many projects I’ve worked with in the past and also supported as an investor in this space. What drew me to NULS was the level of engagement and participation of the community in being a part of major decisions for the project. I felt that at the core of the cryptocurrency market, NULS represented what the spirit originally was which was to create community driven value that is not tied to any single stakeholder.

2. Why did you join the NULS team?

Lise: For some time I had engaged with different members of the team seeking to get to know more about the project, the people that worked there and I valued the processes they had implemented to find a way for me to collaborate with them because of my personal interest in NULS as an onlooker in the market. I liked how proactive and engaged the project was with the community and how they sought to consistently improve their communications and marketing efforts as they continued to surpass the milestones they set for the project.

3. What is your plan after taking the position as the NULS Communications Director?

Lise: I want to evaluate what we are doing well and what we should be improving on and some teammembers have already expressed our areas of weakness which I will take into consideration when developing our larger communications strategy. I also want to look for new opportunities for us to take advantage when it comes to marketing to see what can be implemented into our strategy. I’m very excited about getting my feet wet and seeing how far we can take the NULS brand.

4. Anything else that you would like to share with the community?

Lise: Though I recently joined I appreciate how welcoming teammembers have been as well as how warm the community is. I appreciate how active the NULS community is in trying to understand new products that are developing and initiatives that are being announced. We have so much more in store and it is the community’s support that will continue to carry the project to where it needs to go.

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