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Welcome to Main-Net

Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of our tech-team and testing community, we were delighted yesterday to announce the successful launch of our main-net. It has been just 9 short months since the inception of NULS, and so much has already been achieved. As we continue to forge ahead, we look forward to creating visionary tech products and building an awesome community.

Beijing Conference

To officially celebrate main-net, an exciting milestone, NULS held a launch conference in Beijing tonight, attended by 300 delegates from the Chinese media and blockchain community. The event was also live-streamed to the Chinese and western communities.

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Conference Highlights

Liesa Huang, becomes our new CEO.

Liesa Huang Announces:

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  • New strategic investment department which will invest in and support quality projects which plan to build on the NULS platform. PRISM, a medical data and research company, is the first large scale project to receive funding. PRISM’s CEO, attended the event.
  • NULS received a strategic investment from Bitmain, and we will use this to work on cross-chain development and other joint projects in the future.
  • NULS have joined forces with the Dengfei charity foundation to establish Qingteng Chain, a charity run on blockchain (with access to 5 million users). We will offer technical and token design advice.
  • A new NULS technology research department was announced, which will work with universities, academia and businesses in China and abroad on joint blockchain research. This research will not just be limited to NULS, but to blockchain in the wider sense.
  • A new NULS Global HR Department was announced which will help to manage our growing international team. We recognize that different cultures, languages and time-zones make communication difficult, which is why we wish to manage this area better.

Jason Zhang Founder, Spoke About NULS Technology:

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  • In the short 9 months since NULS was established, 100,000 lines of code have been written, 15 people hired in the core technical team, and there were 11 rounds of test-net.
  • The technology we are building is fully open, customizable and designed to operate seamlessly within the same ecosystem. We do not predict the future of blockchain, no-one can, but we are preparing to support whatever emerges.
  • Chain Factory will be our first key product which we aim to have ready for market by the end of 2018. This system will connect to the modular library (repository) and allow for the creation of a chain, to create your own tokens and eventually buy and sell tokens within the eco-system. This system will be user friendly and designed for ease of use.
  • We plan to double the size of our core technical team from 15 to 30 people.
  • In 2 weeks time, we will launch an additional campaign to recruit 50 technical people from the community.
  • We are in the process of recruiting 5 experts in the field of blockchain for the purpose of research and development. One of these experts, who has already joined the team, has helped us to deliver a solution for smart contracts.

Karina Collins, Head of Marketing and PR Announces:

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  • The western community has grown to 40,000 social media followers, and in June alone, 300,000 people viewed a NULS related YouTube video. This growth has been totally organic, as the central team have focused on tech in the 9-month run up to main-net.

Announced a 3-pronged communication strategy:

  • Marketing: to achieve immediate impact we are hiring a top blockchain marketing agency. Currently in tender, the agency will be announced shortly. The aim in the next 2 quarters is to expand our social media base and generate earned and paid for media. We will also use the agency to brand our first major project, Chain Factory.
  • PR: The aim is to build the brand of NULS as thought leaders in blockchain technology, creating visionary documents, research, speaking at conferences and engaging with financial & news publications.
  • Community: We are increasing support for the community by hiring more full-time community managers in the coming months, focusing on different geographical locations. This will help ensure the growth of our channels, through activities and promotions. We will also begin to arrange meet-ups in active areas.

Isaac Kim, Korean Regional Director Announces:

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  • Recently appointed, Isaac is a regional director who is specifically focused on the Korean market. His goal is to attract Korean investors and enterprises.
  • After main-net launch, the 3 key areas of focus in Korea are (1) enterprise partnerships (2) marketing and (3) technical partnerships with universities.

NULS CEO: About Liesa Huang

Liesa has a master’s degree in Linguistics from LMU (Munich). She has over 10 years experience in marketing and commercial management and brings to this position a wealth of experience in business negotiations and international management. She has been involved personally in blockchain since 2014 and is considered among her peers as a blockchain futurist.

A Big Thank You For All Your Support — From The NULS Team

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