Welcome to the NULS Bi-Monthly Progress Update: Early Pioneers of Cross-Chain

  • Early Cross-Chain Pioneers: NULS officially implements the cross-chain functionality, marking an important step to become an infrastructure platform for value circulation with inter-chain and intra-chain operations.
  • Launch of NULS 2.0 Alpha v3.0
  • Completed the development of NULS 2.0 wallet ahead of schedule, including web wallet, light wallet, and Node CLI.
  • Iterative development of Chain Factory and UI design.
  • Completed the development of functions related to smart contracts supporting consensus at the underlying layer, providing innovative support for programmable mining.

CCC Progress

Business & Community Events

  • “The Voice of Blockchain” event hosted by the Public Chain Technology Alliance and co-sponsored by NULS, was displayed on the big screen of Nasdaq. NULS joins you in voicing for the blockchain!
  • Masternode. Live Lists NULS
  • Coingame and BitKeep Officially Lay Out the NULS Ecosystem, Jointly Distributing the NULS Bonus
  • NULS Community member Xin Song sponsored a self-driving tour around the world at his own expense to help promote NULS worldwide. Thank Song for his recognition and dedication to the NULS project.
  • New Zealand trading platform BitPrime launched an online voting battle to decide the next crypto to be added to BitPrimes’s listings, NULS or Aion? NULS won by a landslide with 91% support. Thank you for your active participation.
  • On May 9, NULS co-founder Reaper Ran was invited to participate in the “BitKeep Listed Project Interpretation” sharing with the theme of “Staking, to earn passive income in bear market “.
  • NULS Chinese Ambassador Aurora visited the NULS Core Team at 3:00 p.m. on May 10 to conduct a live dialogue with the Core Team for the community.
  • On May 12, John, NULS Korean Community Manager, participated in two meet-ups, talking with members of Nebulas and Tezos, and attended the IoTeX Investor Exchange. He also had further communication with a wallet project in South Korea for later cooperation.
  • On May 15, the Wetez project party shared NULS Air Class in the NULS Chinese Telegram, telling community members what role the node plays in the Staking Economy.
  • NULS CEO Liesa and U.S. Regional Director David attended the 2019 Consensus Conference in New York. IBM participated as a five-star sponsor of the conference. There are also some well-known cryptographers and scholars participating in the event. Key targets of the agenda included business, markets, and technology. And the main topics involved in virtual asset issuance, blockchain games, enterprise consortium chains, decentralized finance, blockchain governance, blockchain applications, etc. In addition, the hottest staking economy and POS mining were also heatedly discussed by the participants.

NIP & Proposals & Progress

  • Wetez created a proposal asking for funds to support the NULS Stake tool development and node startup
  • NCG20190214: The progress of the community fund support proposal for the operation of the NULS fan website (hellonuls) was updated.




Run your own blockchain complete with tokens, smart contracts, cross-chain, and staking. Nothing makes blockchain easier. Find out more: https://nuls.io.

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Run your own blockchain complete with tokens, smart contracts, cross-chain, and staking. Nothing makes blockchain easier. Find out more: https://nuls.io.

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