Welcome to the NULS Bi-Monthly Progress Update: Nulstar — A Tale of Evolution…

What has the team been doing in the second half of April 2019? Let’s check it out together!

  • Launched NULS main-net wallet V1.2.1;
  • Preemptive layout the underlying framework of the blockchain: Launch of NULS 2.0 Alpha v2.0

After the full development, NULS technical team has released NULS 2.0, Alpha v2.0 at 18:00 on April 16th (GMT+8). NULSTAR underlying framework was integrated into this version. This is an important step in the preemptive layout of the underlying framework of the blockchain. In addition, Alpha v2.0 also fixed bugs and optimized the performance.

  • The product review of Chain Factory is completed. Currently, we are adjusting the product prototype according to the results of the review, and the product iteration will begin next week.
  • The NULS 2.0 wallet has been developed and is in the stage of internal testing. The NULS 2.0 wallet will be released with the beta version.
  • NULS 2.0 adds a new protocol upgrade module, which is currently being tested internally.
  • Cross-chain function is developed based on Alpha v2.0, and Alpha v3.0 can support cross-chain transactions.

CCC Progress

  • CCC member Ray continued to optimize the integration of Nulstar modules. >work report
  • CCC member Edward optimized the nuls-tools module and fixed some bugs found in code review. >work report
  • CCC member Berzeck continued to optimize Nulstar, wrote an article on NULS and began writing a draft of CCC’s internal management mechanism. >work report
  • CCC member Naveen released a work report for the first half of April.
  • CCC member Claudio released a work report for the first half of April.
  • CCC member Moshe released a work report for the first half of April.

Media Reports

Business & Community Events

  • No matter which technology appears in the blockchain development space, NULS adapts and assimilates it faster, and always wins the race. Nulstar: A Tale of Evolution

On April 25, NULS CCC member Berzeck gave a live broadcast on Discord with the theme of “Nulstar: A Tale of Evolution”, exploring (with simple analogies) how software applications have evolved and why NULS 2.x will be positioned at the top of the crypto food chain.

  • Coingame and BitKeep Officially Lay Out the NULS Ecosystem, Jointly Distributing up to 1 million NULS as a bonus!

Coingame, the first and most comprehensive entertainment platform supporting multiple mainstream digital currencies, and BitKeep, the global largest decentralized multi-chain digital wallet, formally lay out the NULS ecosystem. On May 5, Coingame officially launched and NULS can be used in all the prediction and game projects on the Coingame platform. BitKeep has also officially supported NULS transfers, deposits, storage and the whole ecosystem of NULS, fully supporting this event. The three parties jointly launched the NULS incentive program, with the bonus worth up to more than one million NULS. Participating in the daily check-in, users will not only get generous bonus, but excessive platform rebates as well. Activity is in progress!

  • On April 29, NULS Regional Manager David was invited to attend the Global Blockchain Empowering Summit hosted by the Huobi University. He met with Dr. Yu Jianing, President of the Huobi University, at the Draper Venture office in San Mateo, California. The two conducted in-depth communications on the cooperation between NULS and Huobi.
  • On April 30, David attended the Global Innovation and Future Technology Summit (GIFTs) and met with people from Amazon, the University of California, Berkeley, Intel and Alibaba.
  • NULS Announced Community Top Contributors in 2019 Q1

The NULS Community Top Contributors Selection in the first quarter of 2019 has ended with 5 winners. In the NULS community voting process, the total votes reached 4187, 095, of which the top five were: @People call me Chic, @Dustin Sun, @Mick, @MudiW, @Gilgamesh Trout.

Huobi Global added NULS/USDT trading pair at 15:00 on April 24th (GMT+8). You can make NULS related transactions on the Huobi Global.

As the global leading digital asset exchange, Huobi has a strict project review process. It’s not easy for a project to be recognized by Huobi. After NULS launched on Huobi Global Station on December 13, 2018 and Huobi Korea on December 14, 2018, this opening of the NULS/USDT trading pair at Huobi Global was another recognition and confirmation of the value of NULS.

Ulysses Capital manages around US$1.5 billion in a long-short strategy. Recently, NULS announced that it has secured another investment from Ulysses Capital. NULS continues to demonstrate its ability to meet delivery commitments with its novel 2.0 micro-service architecture through the successful alpha test launch.

BitKeep has made NULS available on April 24th (GMT+8). As one of the largest decentralized, multi-chain and multi-currency light wallets, BitKeep created the unique DESM encryption algorithm to protect the safety of digital assets and covers millions of users in 16 countries. BitKeep has reached an in-depth partnership with NULS. BitKeep’s product experience and leading technology level provide an optional NULS asset storage channel for community members. Its global user base provides a new platform for ecology and community development. To develop ecology and link value, NULS will continue to establish partnerships with more global quality partners to build a better future for the blockchain world.

  • AnyBit Joins NULS Consensus Node And Starts Node Pool

AnyBit Wallet has officially become the NULS Consensus Node. As an important partner of NULS, AnyBit (https://anybit.io) expresses its great recognition of the development concept of NULS and selects NULS as one of important in-depth cooperation projects to be promoted on the whole site. After joining the NULS consensus node, AnyBit will promote NULS with the resources as a member of NULS ecosystem to get more people involved in the construction.

  • Please Welcome our New Korean Community Manager

We’re glad to announce a new Community Manager of NULS — Minsuk Kwak. He will be responsible for the development and operations of the NULS community in Korea. Minsuk Kwak specifically mentioned that he is highly interested in areas such as project development strategy and information technology. NULS’s open and free community atmosphere provided him with a stage to fully exert to ideas, which catalyzed his enthusiasm to join the NULS community and become a community manager in Korea.

On April 25, Minsuk Kwak participated in the “2019 Blockchain Investors Summit” held in South Korea on behalf of NULS.

  • ExShell launched NULS

According to official announcement of ExShell, the global leading digital financial exchange, has launched NULS. It has opened NULS deposit at 10:00 on April 30th ,2019 (GMT+8) and launched NULS/USDT trading pairs at 15:30(Innovation). The withdrawal of HPB was be available from 17:00 on May 05th. ExShell is committed to providing safe, stable, efficient and transparent digital financial services for global value investors. It is one of the optional NULS asset trading service platforms.

  • The First “NULS Cup” Arena of Valor Was Successfully Held!!

With the rapid development of the current e-sports industry, in 2018, E-sports is included in the Asian Games contest. By 2020, E-sports will be the official event of the Asian Games. In order to enrich the NULS community ecosystem and make NULS community a gathering place for E-sports enthusiasts in the coin circle, NULS successfully held the King of Glory Competition. In the future, we will continue to organize similar interesting and valuable sports activities.

  • NULS Chinese Ambassador, Aurora interpreted the NULS POC Consensus Mechanism in DragonEX Telegram Community

NIP & Proposal & Progress

  • Proposal for the establishment of the NULS Council Fund by the Council

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