Winners and Awards: It Pays To Be Our Valentine

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70% of love, 30% of luck. Our bounty for your love story, or your love for NULS in a story for posts to the new social dApp attracted many entries. Thank you very much for your active participation and contribution to our event. Over 60 articles were contributed in Chinese and English, which can be checked HERE. 50 articles were placed with the ‘214’ tag, and we excluded articles that did not meet the requirements. So in total, 35 articles were entered into the lucky draw. The lucky draw was conducted on the NULS test network, and the video link of the lucky draw is:

Contract address: TTb64mpsXXLBCxjMHKTRS7s538FNkM2m

The list of winners is as follows, rewards to the winners will be given to winner within days. Thank you for your active participation.

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The community has a galaxy of talents, and both loves and hates were expressed in the articles. The world is beautiful because of love, so may we all return with a young heart after years of fighting.

At the same time, we hope that everyone will continue to support the NULS first blog dApp NULS is wonderful because of you! Thank you all!

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